Get started#

This guide will quickly take you through how to initialize, create, and deploy your subgraph with OKC’s subgraph service.

By deploying the subgraph, you can explore the subgraph GraphQL API by issuing queries and viewing the schema.

OKC Subgraph currently provides the Hosted Service. If you want to deploy a subgraph on it, please send your application to, and provide the information below:

Name of projectOKC Test Project
Official website (if any)
Github (if any)
Type of projectDeFi,GameFi,NFT...
Introduction to projectOkctestproject is an AMM swap
Uses of the Subgraph serviceQuery business data and present it to users
Special requirements for Subgraph services (e.g., QPS, please specify if any)QPS > 100
Way of contacting you (please provide Telegram account and email)@okctestproject
Expected subgraph nameokctestproject-statistics-v1