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How to use VIP Loan

Who can use VIP Loan?

Users whose account tier is VIP 5 or above can use VIP Loan.

Can I use VIP Loan with my sub-accounts?

Yes. However, the VIP Loan limit will be shared between your main account and sub-accounts.

Why can’t I access VIP Loan even though I meet the account tier requirements?

VIP Loan can only be accessed in the following account modes:

  • Single-currency margin mode

  • Multi-currency margin mode

  • Portfolio margin mode

You can switch your account mode via Settings -> Account mode. After you switch your account mode and select Manual trading, the VIP Loan option will appear below the Max buy field.


Do I need to manually repay amounts borrowed from VIP Loan?

Yes. You need to manually repay these amounts to release the borrowing limit.

How’s interest calculated?

Interest is accrued and deducted from your account balance on an hourly basis. The amount shown under the Borrowed field is used to calculate interest. This amount is locked, meaning it can’t be utilized by other users, and it’ll be charged interest even if you don’t use it to open positions.
For details, refer to Interest rate and borrowing limit.

How’s interest calculated for liabilities in positions I opened before borrowing from VIP Loan?

Liabilities are automatically grouped, with amounts borrowed from VIP Loan prioritized and subject to VIP Loan interest rates. Other liabilities use interest rates for market loans.

Assets and margin

Where can I find amounts borrowed from VIP Loan?

  1. You can find these amounts under the Borrowed field on the VIP Loan page.
    These amounts aren’t displayed on the Assets page since they only impact your borrowing limit for margin trading, but not your initial margin requirement (IMR).

Can I withdraw amounts borrowed from VIP Loan?

Amounts borrowed from VIP Loan count as additional quota, but not actual assets. Therefore, they can’t be withdrawn directly, but they can increase your withdrawal limit and borrowing limit.

Risk management

Why can’t I borrow from VIP Loan?

When VIP Loan amounts are locked, the system assesses whether your potential margin is sufficient. In multi-currency margin mode, your margin (valued in USD) needs to meet the initial margin requirement (IMR) for locking VIP Loan amounts. In single-currency margin mode, your account balance needs to cover the daily interest.

Why can’t I repay amounts borrowed from VIP Loan?

Your VIP Loan repayments unlock your borrowing limits, but other forms of liabilities still exist. If you still have liabilities utilizing VIP Loan, these liabilities will be transferred back to market loans when you make repayments. If the available limit for market loans is insufficient, your VIP Loan repayments will fail. You can try to reduce your repayments or repay the actual liabilities.

What happens if I don’t have sufficient balance to pay interest?

Interest is calculated and deducted on an hourly basis. If your account balance is insufficient, the OKX system will force repayments to unlock the borrowing limit. If some liabilities are utilizing the amounts borrowed from VIP Loan, the liabilities will be transferred back to market loans

Why can’t I open a position even though I have successfully borrowed from VIP Loan?

When you open a position, risk control assessments are conducted. Ensure you have allocated sufficient margin or adjust the borrowed amount.

How do VIP Loan liquidations work?

Amounts borrowed from VIP Loan don’t affect your margin level or the liquidation logic, and liquidations don’t occur without trades or liabilities. Put differently, amounts borrowed from VIP Loan increase your borrowing limit, but they don’t count as assets or actual liabilities.Assume you have 1,000 USDT of liability which you use to buy 10 BTC.That means you borrowed 1,000 USDT from the VIP Loan pool or the market loan pool. If you locked 1,000 USDT from the VIP Loan pool, the amount you borrowed is taken from the VIP Loan pool. If the BTC price drops and your margin level triggers liquidation, your position will be automatically closed to reduce your liability to 800 USDT. Even though your VIP Loan amount is reduced to 800 USDT, the 1,000 USDT you initially borrowed will still be used to calculate interest.