Wallet API


OKX WaaS Wallet service provides a non-custodial wallet perspective of the underlying technology solution, allowing you to flexibly use Web3 services and applications to build various scenarios.

The wallet API ( API interface with the path /waas ) is currently in closed beta status and no longer open to new users. Please wait for further notice to know recovery time.

Service category#

Wallet service mainly includes the following modules:

1.Address and wallet generation

2.On-chain asset and cpin price information query

  • Public chain native asset: such as ETH on Ethereum, Matic on Polygon and so on.

  • Contract tokens: such as ERC-20, BEP-20, etc.

  • Inscription token: such as BRC-20.

  • NFT: such as ERC-721, ERC-1155, Ordinal NFT, etc.

3.Transaction-related, such as building, signing, broadcasting, tracking, and historical queries,support:

  • Transactions in account model networks such as EVM and Cosmos.

  • BTC and BRC-20 and other UTXO model network transactions.

Applications option:#

1. Web3 multi-chain wallet. Support 60+ chains

2. DApp build-in wallet

3. Multi-chain application

If you want to use our service to build new product categories, please come to the Telegram and communicate with us.

Use process#

You can view the following figure to see how the OKX WaaS Wallet service is used