What is Ice Network (ICE): reclaiming your digital user rights

In a world where every click, swipe, and interaction you make online is a commodity owned by Web2 tech giants, is your data truly yours? This is the centralized reality we as users face today, where our data is constantly collected, analyzed, and monetized without our true consent.

Fortunately, Web3 projects like Ice Network are striking back and making decentralization a key concern worth fighting for. As a revolutionary blockchain initiative that addresses the challenges of data privacy and ownership, Ice Network is powered by its native ICE token and runs on the Ice Open Network (ION) blockchain. Ice Network aims to create a decentralized ecosystem that establishes user sovereignty and restores control back to users.

Keen to find out how the Ice Network team will accomplish this? From checking out its unique ICE mobile mining mechanic to exploring the entire Ice Open Network ecosystem, here's everything you need to know when it comes to understanding what Ice Network is and realizing that it's more than just a crypto mining app.

What is Ice Network?

Ice Network is a decentralized blockchain platform designed for scalability and privacy. It aims to address challenges like data privacy, and content ownership in the digital world by building a future where digital interactions are secure, transparent, and controlled by the people.

History of Ice Network and its ties to The Open Network

If you find Ice Network's commitment to decentralization similar to The Open Network's vision, that's because it's a fork of the TON blockchain. By choosing to run on the TON blockchain, Ice Open Network is capable of the same scalability feats that the TON blockchain is known for.

While the team behind ION acknowledges that TON has plenty of strengths like scalable architecture and robust smart contract capabilities, they proposed a TON fork. The fork intended to capitalize on opportunities to introduce a whole ecosystem worth of features to improve the blockchain's value proposition. These include IceID, IceConnect, IceNet, IceVault, and IceQuery, all of which we'll be covering in this ION guide.

How does ICE mining work: earning ICE tokens from your smartphone

Forget the days of crypto mining rigs humming away in your basement — Ice Network puts the power of earning directly in your pocket with the Ice Network app. By running the app on your phone, you contribute to the Ice Network's computational power, which helps with validating transactions and securing the ION blockchain. In return, you're rewarded with ICE tokens, the native currency of Ice Network.

The hardest part about getting started with mining ICE tokens is getting an invite. Existing Ice Network members can send out a referral code to their friends to download the Ice Network app. After passing the Know Your Customer verification process, you're free to begin mining and claiming your ICE tokens. Every 24 hours, ICE miners need to tap the 'Ice' button on their mobile device to begin mining ICE during a daily session. To incentivize group mining efforts, users can mine with friends to earn a 25% bonus mining rate during their daily session if both users check in at the same time.

According to the Ice Network team, mining rates start at 16 ICE an hour. An ICE halving will then take place, which makes it twice as difficult to mine ICE over time. Check out the table below to find out when the ICE halvings will take place, which will help to enhance the predictability of ICE's distribution and overall supply.

Predetermined dates

Mining rate

December 1, 2023

2 ICE per hour

March 1, 2024

1 ICE per hour

June 1, 2024

0.5 ICE per hour

September 1, 2024

0.25 ICE per hour

Ice Network's use of the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism

Unlike traditional proof-of-work mining that guzzles energy and resources, Ice Network operates on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. This means that instead of solving complex calculations, users stake their ICE tokens to validate transactions. The more tokens you stake, the higher your chances of earning rewards, while simultaneously contributing to the stability and security of the network. It's a greener, more efficient way to mine, helping create a sustainable future for both the Ice Open Network and the planet.

Introducing the Ice Open Network ecosystem


Acting as a decentralized digital passport that makes use of zero-knowledge proofs to guarantee user security and privacy, IceID represents your unique identity in the Web3 world. Beyond just being a digital identifier, IceID serves as a dynamic system that rewards user engagement within ION as it's tied to the network's mining process and tracks how much users have contributed.


IceConnect is a decentralized social media platform that's seamlessly integrated with the ION blockchain. Built on the principles of user empowerment, free speech, and privacy, it's a secure communication layer that bridges the gap between you and the diverse services within the Ice Open Network. By allowing creators to control their work and connect directly with their audiences without fear of censorship, IceConnect is hotly anticipated. Many see it as the user-centric social network where there are no algorithms dictating what users see and no gatekeepers censoring user content.


As the decentralized proxy and content delivery network powering the entire ION ecosystem, IceNet provides uninterrupted content delivery and user privacy. This is accomplished by caching public content such as images, videos, and scripts and distributing it across a network of nodes, making it difficult to shut down any single point of access. IceNet then leverages the speed and security of the ION blockchain to deliver cached content quickly and reliably. This helps to make sure users experience minimal lag or downtime when accessing different resources within the network.


To provide secure storage for your digital information and data, the Ice Network team developed IceVault: your own decentralized digital vault within the Ice Open Network. IceVault protects your data using quantum-resistant cryptography across a network of independent nodes. This decentralized approach makes sure that only you have exclusive data ownership and access to your data through unique private keys. Additionally, IceVault seamlessly integrates with other services in the ION ecosystem, so you can easily store and access data within Ice Open Network.


As a decentralized database solution that's built upon the open-source database PostgresSQL, IceQuery is the answer to today's traditional database architectures by offering secure, scalable, and censorship-resistant data storage for decentralized applications and services within the Ice Open Network. Thanks to IceQuery's use of database hashing and a Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus algorithm, it prevents single points of failure and ensures greater data availability and resilience ahead of potential malicious attacks or network disruptions.

What is the ICE token?

The ICE token is the lifeblood of the Ice Network, powering its ecosystem and serving as the native currency for transactions, staking, and governance. You can use ICE to pay for goods and services within the network, participate in proposal voting, and even stake it for a passive yield.

ICE token utility

Here's how ICE tokens specifically play a part in sustaining the ION ecosystem.

  • Core functionality: ICE supports seamless transactions, interactions, and operations within Ice Open Network.

  • Governance and proposal voting participation: ICE holders wield the power to shape the network’s future by casting crucial votes on pivotal proposals that determine the future of the Ice Network.

  • ICE staking mechanism: By staking ICE, holders effectively bolster the network’s security and, in return, reap staking rewards over time.

  • IceID: All accrued transaction fees for IceID are paid in ICE tokens, with a portion directly rewarding ICE stakers for their network security contribution.

  • IceConnect: Earnings from IceConnect are equitably distributed among creators, consumers, IceConnect nodes, and the ION team as part of a fair revenue-sharing model.

  • IceNet: Regardless of whether proxies or decentralized content delivery network nodes are being run, nodes operating under IceNet are rewarded in ICE tokens for their services.

  • IceVault and IceQuery: Nodes for IceVault are compensated in ICE tokens for securely storing user data and maintaining data integrity.

ICE tokenomics

ICE tokens are distributed according to the following allocation.

  • Community mining (40%)

  • Ice Network team (25%)

  • Community pool (15%)

  • Treasury pool (10%)

  • Ecosystem growth and innovation pool (10%)

According to the Ice Network team, this allocation creates an ideal balance between rewarding the core team, rewarding active community members, and making sure there's enough liquidity for future growth efforts.

With a whopping 75% of ICE's total supply dedicated to growing the ION community through incentivizing mining activities, onboarding new projects onto ION, and potentially improving the network's infrastructure, the overall allocation hints that the team is focused on making Ice Network the best project possible. This can be seen in how plenty of ICE tokens are being channeled back into the ION ecosystem, so it can grow to fulfill its vision of true decentralization.

Final words and next steps

For many, the Ice Network is more than just a crypto project — it's a movement towards a decentralized, user-controlled, and community-driven digital future where users have full ownership of their data. From a mobile app that encourages inclusive mining to having an extensive decentralized ecosystem, the Ice Network empowers individuals to break free from centralized control and build a more equitable and sustainable internet where user sovereignty reigns supreme. If you align with the Ice Network's vision, why not join the Ice revolution and begin mobile mining your ICE tokens to get a headstart today?

FAQs about Ice Network and ICE token

Is Ice Open Network safe?

Security is woven into the core fabric of Ice Open Network, encompassing robust cryptography, a proven blockchain infrastructure, and a user-centric governance model. This multi-layered approach ensures the safety of user data and transactions, fostering trust and transparency throughout the ION ecosystem.

What are the potential risks of investing in ICE tokens?

As with any cryptocurrency, there are inherent risks associated with investing in ICE. The market is volatile, and the value of ICE can fluctuate significantly.

How does Ice Network compare to other mobile mining platforms?

Ice Network stands out with its user-friendly mobile app, energy-efficient PoS consensus mechanism, and robust ecosystem beyond just mining for ICE tokens.

What is the future of Ice Network?

The Ice Network team aims to further improve scalability, enhance its governance model, and widen its ecosystem by partnering up with other decentralized networks.

Where can I learn more about Ice Network?

You can learn more about ICE tokens, Ice Network, and more by visiting their website or reading their white paper.

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