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Get testnet OKB from faucet

Get testnet OKB from faucet#

Despite bridging OKB from Sepolia to X Layer testnet, you can directly input your wallet address on the X Layer testnet faucet and claim a small fixed amount of OKB.

Please note that on the X Layer testnet, each user can only claim 0.2 OKB per day.

How to claim OKB#

  1. Go to the X Layer testnet faucet official website and click the Get button to proceed.

Get OKB on X Layer

  1. Input your wallet address in the field. If you have connected a wallet plugin (EVM network), the field will automatically display your current wallet address. Then, click the Get 0.2 OKB button at the bottom.

Claim OKB

  1. You will need to complete a slider verification to prove that you are not a robot.

Complete slider verification

  1. Once the slider verification is done, your request will be queued. A popup will appear if you have successfully claimed OKB. You can also click the Bridge button to bridge OKB to Sepolia.

OKB transferred