OKX to list Injective (INJ) for spot trading

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OKX is pleased to announce the listing of Injective (INJ) on our spot trading markets. Please take note of the following schedule:

  1. INJ deposits will open at 6:00 am UTC on November 30, 2023.
  2. INJ/USDT spot trading will open at 10:00 am UTC on November 30, 2023.
  3. INJ withdrawals will open at 10:00 am UTC on December 1, 2023.

Injective is a layer 1 blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK and enables secure, fast, and interoperable transactions across multiple blockchain networks. Injective is specifically designed to address the limitations of popular smart contract platforms and is optimized for decentralized applications (DApps) in the DeFi sector. It supports all financial primitives, creating a comprehensive ecosystem that offers a diverse array of financial products and services.
Asset name: Injective
Ticker: INJ
Total supply: 100,000,000

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OKX team
November 30, 2023