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Bridge testnet OKB from Sepolia to X Layer

Bridge testnet OKB from Sepolia to X Layer#

X Layer testnet faucet is the official tool provided by the X Layer team for developers to claim test tokens. Developers can use X Layer testnet faucet to obtain testnet OKB tokens and other ERC-20 tokens.

Users can mint a certain amount of testnet OKB on the Sepolia testnet and then use our official X Layer bridge to bridge OKB (or other test tokens) from Sepolia to the X Layer testnet.

Please ensure that your wallet contains enough ETH (Sepolia ETH) for gas fees on the Sepolia network. You can also use the X Layer bridge to bridge ETH to the X Layer testnet.

How to claim ETH#

You can obtain ETH from the following third-party faucets, each with its own claiming requirements. Choose the one that suits your needs:

If you have already claimed ETH, you can switch your wallet network to the Sepolia network and check if the ETH has been credited.

If you are using the OKX Wallet, you need to enable Settings - Custom network and select the Sepolia network.

X Layer Sepolia faucet#

  1. Navigate to the X Layer testnet faucet official website and click the Mint button to proceed.

Get OKB in Sepolia

  1. Connect your wallet plugin and switch your wallet network to Sepolia. If you have insufficient ETH, you can click the Get Sepolia ETH button to obtain ETH from a third-party faucet.

Claim Sepolia ETH

  1. Select the token you want to receive and enter the quantity. Then, click the Mint button at the bottom.

Mint test token

The maximum quantity per mint currently is 10 OKB.

  1. Finally, confirm this transaction in your wallet plugin. After the transaction is successful, a success message popup will appear. You can add the minted OKB to your wallet (if not added previously) or click Bridge to cross-chain the OKB to the X Layer testnet.

Mint succeed

Token addresses#

TokensSepolia testnet token addressesX Layer testnet token address
OKB0x3F4B6664338F23d2397c953f2AB4Ce8031663f80Native token
ETH (WETH)Native token0xBec7859BC3d0603BeC454F7194173E36BF2Aa5C8