Welcome to X Layer

Welcome to X Layer#

X Layer is a ZK layer 2 network powered by the OKB token and built using Polygon CDK, that offers 100% EVM compatibility, exceptional performance, low fees, and robust security — achieved with seamless integration.

In this documentations, you will be guided through 3 main sections:

  • Getting started: introduction and user guide of X Layer
  • Developer: guide to build on X Layer and our product(s)
  • Academy: the fundamental guide to start building with Solidity

Getting started#

What is X Layer
Explore how X Layer scales Ethereum
Build on X Layer
Quickstart guide to start building on X Layer
Deploy smart contract
Guide to deploy smart contracts with Truffle, Hardhart and Foundry

Product guides#


Network information X Layer contracts X Layer explorer X Layer faucet X Layer bridge X Layer oracle