What is a subgraph?#

A subgraph is a custom API built on blockchain data. Subgraphs are queried using the GraphQL query language and are deployed to a Graph node using the Graph CLI. Once deployed and published, subgraphs are available to be queried by subgraph consumers.

Are there requirements for subgraph code?#

  • "@graphprotocol/graph-cli": "^0.20.1"
  • "@graphprotocol/graph-ts": "^0.20.1"
  • "npm": "^7.20.5"

For more code specifications, refer to: https://github.com/okx-subgraph/oktc-subgraph-example/blob/main/docs/Developing.md

Is it possible to deploy subgraphs with the same name?#

No, duplicate subgraph names aren’t allowed.

Can I delete my subgraph?#

Yes. You may contact the OKC support team to do that for you.

Does the deployed subgraph support modifications or upgrades?#

Yes. You may contact the OKC support team for further help.

What are the restrictions when querying the subgraph?#

There will be a query limit. If you encounter limited flow or no response to the query, please contact the OKC support team.

Do I need to pay for querying the subgraph?#

Free for now.