How to Mint and Trade Runes Tokens on the OKX Runes Market ?

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OKX Runes Market provides the best experience of trading Runes tokens on app and Web with zero-fees. This guide walks through how to perform core tasks on app. If you are are looking to list a certain token on Runes Market please click here .


  • Open the OKX Wallet > Marketplace > Runes

  • Select a token in the OKX Runes Market - trending tokens by volume can be found in the hot tab, full list of available tokens can be found in all tab and tokens that have been etched can be minted in the minting tab

  • Once on the token page, view the different listings based on total tokens, unit price and total price and tap Buy on the order

  • Review transaction summary and increase or decrease network fees if needed and tap Confirm

  • Wait for block to be confirmed and you can see the runes tokens in your wallet

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  • Open the OKX Wallet > Marketplace > Runes or Select the token from your wallet to list

  • Click on the token you want to sell and tap List

  • Very important - Review UTXOs available to sell, tap on the UTXO you wish to sell. Set the price you want and tap List, review listing transaction summary and tap Confirm

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Note: Runes are based on the UTXO model. For example, if you hold 10,000 tokens of a certain Runes token distributed across different UTXOs (e.g., 3,000 tokens on UTXO 1, 2,000 tokens on UTXO 2), when listing for sale, if you choose UTXO 1, you will sell 3,000 tokens of that Runes token.

  • You can view your orders and wait for a buyer to send an offer or instant buy

  • Choose to Sell and select the tokens you want to sell from 1 or more UTXOs.


  • Open the OKX Wallet > Marketplace > Runes > Etch Runes

  • Enter the name of the token you want to mint, Tap on the token name, enter how many times you want to repeat the transaction and tap Confirm

  • Attention: You need to update the Web3 plugin wallet and App to the latest version first.

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Manage Runes on Wallet

  • Open OKX Wallet

  • You will be able to see your Runes tokens in the home page under crypto

  • Tap on the token to see locked and unlocked UTXOs

  • Lock UTXOs you wish to safe keep and avoid spending by mistake

  • Unlock UTXOs you wish to trade

  • Send yourself a transaction to split UTXOs

Note: OKX Web3 Wallet now supports viewing, transferring, and trading of Runes assets. The casting function has been launched on both the web and app ends (Android phones). Please upgrade the app to version 6.64, which is currently not supported on iOS. Please be patient and follow us.

Kind reminder: If your page prompts you to switch wallets or wallet networks, it is recommended that you disconnect and use the Web3 plugin to connect to the wallet. The plugin needs to be updated to the latest version.