USDC on X Layer

USDC on X Layer#

USDC workflow

The difference between USDC and USDC.e#


Circle brings USDC natively to new blockchain networks to empower developers to build on a stable foundation they can trust. Native USDC is officially issued by Circle. Native USDC is now available on the other Layer 2.

AssetX Layer mainnet address


There also exists a “bridged” form of USDC known as USDC.e, which is USDC that has been bridged from Ethereum. Bridged USDC (USDC.e) is not issued by Circle.

AssetX Layer mainnet address

Using USDC on X Layer#

Whether you are a developer or a user, we recommend that you use USDC on X Layer.

For users#

Users can get USDC on the X Layer mainnet in these ways:

  1. Using X Layer official bridge

When you bridge USDC from Ethereum to the X Layer by official bridge user interface, you can automatically receive USDC on the X Layer.

  1. Using OKX exchange

OKX now supports USDC (not USDC.e) deposits and withdrawals.

  1. Using third-party bridges

Some well known bridges are integrating with X Layers.

For developers#

Please refer to the USDC workflow section.