Brazil Referral Program - Terms and Conditions

Date de publication : 24 janv. 2024Date de mise à jour : 3 juin 2024Lecture de 4 min83

Encourage your friends to create an OKX Brazil account with your referral code. If a friend referred by you trades on OKX, you both can be eligible to earn BTC.

  • The rewards will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis according to the completion time of the referee's trade criteria.

  • Referrers can invite a maximum of 5 referrees monthly; once this limit is reached, no more rewards are available for both the Referrer and their referees.

  • Reminder: OKX neither contacts users to transfer referral awards or tokens, nor offers investment advice. If you have any questions, contact our support team through our official channels.

Join the program:

  1. Log in to your account at and go to "More" > "Referral" or access the "Referral" Page via OKX APP.

  2. Share your invitation link or your invitation code with your friends to register an OKX account.

  3. Encourage your friends to create an account and trade.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The program is tailored for users under the OKX Brazil Entity. Both referrers and referees have to be under the OKX Brazil Entity to be eligible.

  • The total prize for this Referral Program is limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the completion time of the specified trading criteria. After the rewards end, no additional rewards will be granted. The referral relationship will remain bounded.

  • The reward value calculation is based on a 14-day rolling average BRL-USDT price and a 7-day rolling average USDT-BTC price counting from the trade date, so the actual reward may vary for each user.

  • BRL rewards rates can vary depending on users' ongoing experience, trading volume and number of referrals.

  • Users are only eligible for the prize if the referred user completes a single trade within the trade requirements.

  • Users who participate in the OKX Affiliate Program will not be eligible to receive the reward.

  • Referral prize is limited to 1 by connection between single referrer and referee. If referee generates more than 1 trade within the trade requirements, only the first qualified trade will count towards the prize.

  • You can view your rewards and rewards earned on "Referral" > "Invited Friends" page on OKX Website and the OKX App.

  • The rewards must be claimed within 30 days from receipt otherwise it will expire. Referrers can claim rewards on the Referral Page, while Referees can claim them on the Reward Center page.

  • Sub-accounts will not be eligible to participate in this program, receive any rewards, or be invited as referees.

  • Please note that the value of the rewards may fluctuate and may not be equal in value at the time a recipient has the ability to withdraw based on market fluctuation. Prices of digital assets, including stablecoins, can and do fluctuate at any moment. Due to such price fluctuations, you may increase or lose value in your assets at any given moment.

  • OKX reserves the right to disqualify or suspend accounts of any participant and confiscate all rewards of any participant who is found to be involved in any dishonest or abusive behaviour in this activity, including but not limited to click farming, registering multiple accounts, using others' accounts, using others' KYC information to register accounts, providing false KYC information, using device farms or other malicious tools for abusive, dishonest or fraudulent purposes, engaging in laundering trades or wash trades, violation of any applicable rules or policies of OKX or any campaign or project rules or terms and conditions or announcements (as amended and restated from time to time) in connection with the project, violating local regulatory rules or any engaging in other activities with the intent or result of abusing, disrupting or undermining the legitimate operation of the project, as determined by OKX at its sole discretion.

  • OKX may delay the distribution of Rewards due to system issues or other special circumstances. If you have not received the Rewards within 48 hours after your friends complete the task, please contact customer service, and we will actively follow up on the situation.

  • OKX has the right to suspend, freeze, and/or seal user accounts and assets within the accounts according to applicable laws or OKX Brazil's terms of service.

  • OKX reserves the right to terminate the program at any time and to interpret or modify the terms and conditions of this program at any time without prior notice.

  • For more detailed information, please refer to OKX Terms of Service.

In order to comply with local regulations, certain features may not be available in your region.