Introducing X Layer: Our New EVM Compatible Layer 2 Network Designed to Build the Future of Web3

Haider X Layer

A message from our Chief Marketing Officer Haider Rafique

Calling all Web3 builders!

Today we’re excited to introduce X Layer to the world. Our new native network, X Layer is a Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) and is built with the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) as part of a strategic collaboration between us and Polygon Labs.

As a state-of-the-art, user-friendly protocol for developers, creators and Web3 enthusiasts, X Layer utilizes ZK proofs and is highly secure and scalable with low transaction costs. X Layer users may pay for gas fees using our platform token, OKB.

With today’s testnet launch, the X Layer network connects the us, Polygon and Ethereum communities, allowing anyone to build on its global on-chain ecosystem. And we're looking to attract the next generation of developers who see the potential of these ecosystems and interoperability between them. We believe developers can use this network to build world class consumer Web3 applications, otherwise harder to build on other ecosystems because of high fees and lack of interoperability.

Why build X Layer?

Web3 changes everything. Leveraging blockchain technology, Web3 empowers everyone to take full control of their digital lives.

It's about decentralization and using the architecture of Web3 to create a new internet: one with more transparency, control and mobility for all. Our mission is to accelerate its mainstream adoption. To achieve this goal, we believe:

  • The best way to achieve mainstream adoption is to help scale the largest existing Web3 community, Ethereum, instead of competing with it.

  • Blockchain infrastructure that can gracefully scale to the needs of its growing user base by billions of users, is necessary for the healthy growth of the global crypto and digital asset ecosystem

What makes X Layer unique?

X Layer is designed with developers top of mind, and its core differentiators include:

  • Bringing us and Polygon ecosystems together: Both companies will continue to contribute to the development of the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), enhancing the user experience while giving builders native access to the most advanced technology stack available. Collaboration between our and Polygon builder communities will result in better outcomes, more developer attention, innovation, more projects built on X Layer and ultimately more users.

  • The power of our platform: We're one of the world’s largest crypto ecosystems, with over 50 million users with billions in assets on the platform. Using OKB as the X Layer native token, users can move value seamlessly between us and X Layer. This is an instant advantage for X Layer as it looks to grow the Web3 community to new heights.

  • Ethereum compatibility: X Layer is Ethereum compatible, which means that all existing EVM smart contracts, developer tools and wallets can work seamlessly on X Layer with zero code rework required. In a nutshell, existing DApps can be migrated to X Layer at zero cost.

  • Low cost: X Layer uses improved zkSNARK to make transactions more compact and therefore cheaper. This cost saving is passed on to developers and end users, which serves to make their experience smoother and more enjoyable.

  • High performance: X Layer ensures transactions are confirmed swiftly, sparing users the long wait times commonly associated with other networks. This transaction speed is possible because X Layer is powered by one of the fastest ZK proof algorithms and the most advanced hardware cluster in the world.

What’s next?

The excitement is just beginning. We're teaming up with leading projects and partners who believe in the X Layer vision. Stay tuned as we unveil more in the weeks to come. We aim to onboard billions of users from Web2 to Web3 by scaling Ethereum, and believe that the X Layer will unlock this potential. We recognize the magnitude of this mission and understand that it's a collective effort. This is why we invite all builders to join us: For more information about X Layer testnet, click here. To connect with our growing community, follow X Layer's social channels below: X | Discord | LinkedIn | Web

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