OKX and TradingView: Built for every trading style

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Connect OKX + TradingView

Trade over 300+ crypto assets & 490+ active markets on OKX directly on the TradingView platform.

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Trading UI

Trade and manage your positions on OKX directly from TradingView's built-in web, desktop, and mobile trading interface.

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Research top ideas, live streams, and scripts from the worldwide TradingView community, and never trade crypto alone.

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Automated Signal Trading

Automate your trading by connecting your Pine Script™ strategies with your OKX account via Webhook integration.

How to connect
Frame 21719 (2)Create or login into an OKX account.
Frame 21721Create or login into a Trading View account.
Frame 21722Connect the accounts and start trading.
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Advance your trading with TradingView
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Exceptional charting tools

The most powerful, reliable technical analysis tools designed for top traders.

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Trading at its best

Trade on charts with drag-and-drop bracket orders or use a responsive order dialog.

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Crypto screener

Research crypto with technical and descriptive criteria directly from the charts.

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Chat and learn

Join the world’s largest trading community on TradingView and level up your skills.

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Never miss a trade

Get push notifications, emails and SMS as soon as your targets have been met.

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Backtest trading strategies

Write your own indicators with Pine Script™ and use historical data to test them.

TradingView desktop app

Enhance your experience with additional features of the powerful desktop application. 01 | 100% synchronization with your browser version. 02 | Configure your charts across multiple displays. 03 | Expanded workspace size for better analysis. 04 | Link several tabs with the same symbols.

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