OKX Managed Trading Sub-accounts
Make trading more profitable and keep trading strategies secure
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What are Managed Trading Sub-accounts?
Streamline your trading process, enhance account security, and diversify your trading portfolio
Trading Teams
Quicker VIP upgrades
Trades executed by you in your Clients’ managed sub-accounts will be counted to your overall trading volume
Secured trading strategies and history
Managed Trading Sub-accounts allow you to keep your trading positions and history private
Improved efficiency
Monitored and managed from a single platform, sub-accounts make managing Clients’ funds easier and more efficient
Customized trading strategies
Employ different trading strategies for different Clients or Client groups
VIP fee rates
Always enjoy the lowest fee rate between you and your Trading Team
Portfolio diversification
Sub-accounts let you run multiple trading strategies concurrently and tailor your portfolio to different risk levels, asset classes, and investment strategies
Risk management
Reduce portfolio-wide risks by ensuring losses in one sub-account don’t affect assets in other sub-accounts
Enhanced security
Withdrawals are only allowed through your main account, creating an additional layer of security for funds held in sub-accounts
Performance tracking
Sub-accounts make it easier to track the performance of individual strategies, providing valuable insights to inform future trading decisions
All users can apply to become Clients. To become a Trading Team, you need to first qualify as an institution on OKX and reach the level of VIP 1 minimum. If you meet these requirements, contact us below.
How do Managed Trading Sub-accounts work?
Trading Teams
Clients create Managed Trading Sub-accounts that are managed by the Trading Teams
Managed sub-account 1
Managed sub-account 2
Managed sub-account 3
Trading Team 1
Trading Team 2
Trading Team 3
Each Trading Team manages multiple sub-accounts
Managed sub-account 1
Managed sub-account 2
Managed sub-account 3
How do I use Managed Trading Sub-accounts?
Step 1
Go to “Sub-accounts” in the dropdown menu under your avatar, click on “Create sub-account”, and select “Managed Trading Sub-account” as your sub-account type.
Step 2
Obtain your Trading Team’s UID and enter it during the binding process.
Step 3
Upload the entrustment agreement made with the Trading Team.
How to become a Client or a Trading Team
All users can apply to become Clients. To become a Trading Team, you need to first qualify as an institution on OKX and reach the level of VIP 1 minimum. If you meet these requirements, contact us below.
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