Marketplace API


Welcome to the developers' documentation for the OKX NFT Marketplace, a one-stop decentralized NFT aggregated exchange platform that supports multi-chain NFT creations and cross-platform transactions. OKX NFT Marketplace provides real-time on-chain data for users and developers, and is dedicated to building a decentralized multi-chain NFT ecosystem.

NFT aggregator#

OKX NFT Marketplace combines the order book depth from multiple mainstream marketplaces and platforms to provide up-to-date order data for developers and users. OKX Marketplace also includes abundant NFT collection data, and supports real-time and accurate on-chain data. Marketplaces that support aggregation are OKX NFT, Opensea, Magic Eden, Looksrare, IMX, and X2Y2.

OKX NFT Marketplace allows NFT holders to list their NFTs on multiple platforms simultaneously with the least of efforts and the best liquidity. Marketplaces that support listings are OKX NFT, Opensea, Looksrare, and Magic Eden.

OKX NFT Marketplace supports ETH, OKTC, BSC, Polygon, IMX, AVAX-C, Solana, Arbitrum One, zkSync Era, Aptos, Optimism, Klaytn, Arbitrum Nova, Base and Linea. We also plan to support NFT aggregated transactions on more chains.

Issuance Marketplace & Secondary Marketplace#

Issuance Marketplace: OKX NFT's exclusive primary issuance platform selects high-quality NFT projects for completely decentralized offerings, allowing users to obtain their preferred NFT at lower prices in the issuance market as soon as possible.

Secondary Marketplace: OKX NFT Marketplace lets users conduct peer-to-peer transactions and helps both buyers and sellers seek the best price. OKX is dedicated to providing users with an efficient and low-cost NFT trading experience with high liquidity.

Contract architecture#



Features that EVM contract supports#

  • Batch purchasing
  • Collection offers
  • Listing
  • Offer functions
  • Instant royalties for the creator
  • ERC-2981 royalties support

Features that Solana contract supports#

  • Batch purchasing
  • Listing
  • Instant royalties for the creator

OKX NFT Marketplace contract#

Users authorize the OKX secondary market to authorize union approve contract to use tokens (this step is not required for native tokens)

Users then call the OKX Aggregator contract interface to interact with the OKX secondary market, such as making bids or listing orders

OKX NFT aggregator contract#

Develop Adapter contracts for different markets

Register Adapter contracts to Market Registry contracts

OKX Aggregator contracts are linked to different markets via Adapter contracts; for instance, OKX Aggregator contracts interact with OpenSea markets via OpenSea Adapter contracts


How to start#

Go to NFT Market to begin your NFT journey.

Go to the marketplace and choose NFTs to bid or purchase directly. Visit your profile to view your NFT assets and begin trading.

If you are a digital artist, you are welcome to make your own NFT on our Create NFT page.

Deployed contract#

OKX NFT aggregator contract#

NumberNetworkContract address
3BNB Chain0xa7FD99748cE527eAdC0bDAc60cba8a4eF4090f7c
6Arbitrum One0xa7FD99748cE527eAdC0bDAc60cba8a4eF4090f7c
7Arbitrum Nova0xa7FD99748cE527eAdC0bDAc60cba8a4eF4090f7c
8zkSync Era0x444b2Fd4395Ec890fbC492753DCe1bE2fC8Ff63D
14Polygon zkEVM0xa7FD99748cE527eAdC0bDAc60cba8a4eF4090f7c

OKX self-operated marketplace contract#

NumberNetworkContract address
3BNB Chain0x00000000000000ADc04C56Bf30aC9d3c0aAF14dC
6Arbitrum One0x00000000000000ADc04C56Bf30aC9d3c0aAF14dC
7Arbitrum Nova0x00000000000000ADc04C56Bf30aC9d3c0aAF14dC
8zkSync Era0xd756E8070b33a35E42f00140Ac92c4b4e0bBfb82
14Polygon zkEVM0x00000000000000ADc04C56Bf30aC9d3c0aAF14dC