Java SDK#


1. package utils#

1.1 Class Utils#

import com.okexchain.utils.Utils;

1.1.1 Complement 18-bit accuracy#

public static String NewDecString(String str)

1.1.2 Convert BigInteger to bytes#

public static byte[] BigIntegerToBytes(BigInteger value)

2. package crypto#

2.1 Class AddressUtil#

import com.okexchain.utils.crypto.AddressUtil;

2.1.1 generate bech32 address from pubkey#

public static String createNewAddressSecp256k1(String mainPrefix, byte[] publickKey) throws Exception

2.1.2 convert pubkey to bech32 pubkey#

public static String getPubkeyBech32FromValue(String mainPrefix, byte[] publickKeyValue) throws Exception

2.1.3 convert hex string address to bech32 address#

public static String convertAddressFromHexToBech32(String hexAddress)

2.1.4 convert bech32 address to hex string address#

public static String convertAddressFromBech32ToHex(String bech32Address)

2.2 Class Crypto#

import com.okexchain.utils.crypto.Crypto;

2.2.1 sign the msg with hex string private key#

public static byte[] sign(byte[] msg, String privateKey) throws NoSuchAlgorithmException

2.2.2 generate a private key randomly#

public static String generatePrivateKey()

2.2.3 generate hex string pubkey from hex string private key#

public static String generatePubKeyHexFromPriv(String privateKey)

2.2.4 generate mnemonic randomly#

public static String generateMnemonic()

2.2.5 generate hex string private key from mnemonic#

public static String generatePrivateKeyFromMnemonic(String mnemonic)

2.2.6 generate bech32 validator operator address from hex string pubkey#

public static String generateValidatorAddressFromPub(String pubKey)

2.3 Class PrivateKey#

import com.okexchain.utils.crypto.PrivateKey;

2.3.1 PrivateKey constructor#

public PrivateKey(String mnemonic)

parameter mnemonic could be mnemonic or hex string pivate key.

3. package msg#

Package msg defines the message types according to module in OKTC, and the example is the main function in class Msgxxx not end with "value" or in sample package. Take transfer coins as example as follows or you can also refer to the main fuction in class MsgSend in package import com.okexchain.msg.common.Token.

1. environment setting
import com.okexchain.env.EnvInstance;
// set chainid
// set rest url
2. transfer tokens between accounts
import com.okexchain.msg.common.Message;
import com.okexchain.msg.common.Token;

// create send msg
MsgSend msg = new MsgSend();

msg.initMnemonic("puzzle glide follow cruel say burst deliver wild tragic galaxy lumber offer");

// create msg that sends 6.00000000okt from account whose mnemonic is `puzzle glide follow cruel say burst deliver wild tragic galaxy lumber offer` to account `ex1hcngft7gfkhn8z8fnlajzh7agyt0az0v6ztmme`
Message messages = msg.produceSendMsg("okt", "6.00000000", "ex1hcngft7gfkhn8z8fnlajzh7agyt0az0v6ztmme");

// submit msg to exchain network; `0.01000000` is the fee, `200000` is the gas limit and `exchain transfer!` is the memo of this msg.
msg.submit(messages, "0.01000000", "200000", "exchain transfer!");