What is WaaS

What is WaaS#

OKX WaaS (Wallet as a Service) is a complete set of Web3 development solutions, including wallet, DEX, Marketplace, DeFi and other main modules, which can help developers easily build various Web3 applications.

We have standardized the access to different chains and services. Developers can use a set of solutions to handle different business forms, which greatly reduces the development cycle and investment costs.

The entire set of services is completely decentralized, with data self-hosted by enterprises or developers. Currently, it supports 60+ networks, including popular EVM and UTXO networks etc. In terms of application scenarios, in addition to wallets, DEX, NFT trading markets, and DeFi investment products, it also supports the most cutting-edge ecology such as Inscription.

If you are an enterprise or developer and want to build your own Web3 service, using OKX WaaS will be a more efficient and economical choice.

We provide the following services, click to learn more about the details:

Provide non-custodial wallet services that support multi-chain and multi-protocol, including private key generation, asset inquiry, and transaction services.
One-stop multi-chain and cross-chain aggregation trading platform. Supports automatic optimization of transaction paths and transaction volume splitting, providing users with a trading experience with lower slippage and less network fees.
Decentralized multi-chain NFT aggregation trading platform. Supports multi-chain NFT creation and cross-platform trading, providing real-time on-chain data for users and developers, accelerating ecosystem construction.
On-chain wealth management platform. Supports depositing digital assets into on-chain protocols, providing various excellent wealth management products with real-time updates, helping users earn profits.

In the next chapter, you can read "Service architecture" to learn more about how we work so you can get started better.