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X1 is a ZK-powered layer 2 network that connects the OKX and Ethereum communities to allow anyone to take part in a truly global on-chain ecosystem.

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Built for all users and builders

Using OKB as the X1 native token, users can move value seamlessly between OKX and X1

  • EVM compatibility

    EVM compatibility

    Enable ZK-powered DApps on X1, with 100% EVM compatibility and easy-to-use developer tools for deployment

  • Powered by Polygon

    Powered by Polygon

    A zkEVM layer 2 solution based on Polygon CDK, ensuring near-instant finality, unified liquidity, and independent data availability

  • Trusted network

    Trusted network

    Securely deploy any EVM smart contracts and onramp your assets from OKX, Ethereum, and other interoperable chains

  • Portal to Web3

    Portal to Web3

    Enter the world of Web3 via OKX Wallet, built with compact infrastructure modules to create innovative DApps

  • 1%

    Ethereum gas cost

    Code with ease at 1% of Ethereum’s costs.

    *The actual network fees may fluctuate depending on price changes in ETH, OKB, and network congestion level, etc.

    Ethereum gas cost
  • Powered by

    Powered by


    We built X1 as a portal to connect OKX products, users, and assets to Web3, and to provide an open ecosystem that anyone can build on.

    Explore OKX Build, our Web3 developer tool, to make building and reaching OKX users easy.

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  • X1 testnet launch

    2023 | Q4

    • Seamless DApp integration
    • Sequencer stability test
    • Performance stress test
    • Allowing Sepolia assets to bridge to X1 testnet
  • X1 testnet optimization

    2023 | Q4

    • Transition from EVM compatibility to Ethereum compatibility
    • Scaling based on EIP-4844
    • Enhance proof generation time
    • Iterative testing and optimization
  • X1 mainnet launch

    2024 | Q1

    • Transition from testnet to mainnet
    • Launch of zkBridge, zkOracle, and zkDEX
    • Deployment of DApps by key partners on X1 mainnet

Enhanced security

  • OKB token

    Functions as the utility token of the OKX ecosystem, the native token on X1, and can be used to pay transaction fees

  • OKLink data platform

    Analyze on-chain data and audit code panoramically on X1

    Get analysis and audit
  • Become a part of our community

    Join our ever-growing community of developers and end-users

  • X1 branding kit

    Get X1 official logos and branding guides

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