OKX P2P general trading guidelines

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We're here to keep our community safe, which is why our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules about identity and account verification are important to us:

  • Make sure the account you're using is legally registered under your name.

  • When our AML risk control warning is triggered, you'll be required to follow the AML verification process and may be asked to provide documents or materials to OKX.


  • Act with integrity.

  • You're responsible for the advertisements you post. Always confirm your price and quantity before you publish.

  • Please complete transactions within a reasonable period of time. This includes making payments and releasing crypto.

  • Honour the transaction. Don't cancel your orders randomly. Try to resolve problems with the other party via the in-app chat on the order page.

  • OKX will never ask for personal information, Google Authenticator code or passwords.

  • OKX will only communicate with you through our official email domain (okx.com) and in-app chat.

  • You're highly encouraged to do all communications via the in-app chat so that it can be used as official evidence in the event of a dispute.

To create a safer and more regulated trading environment for our P2P market, we've created the following rules:

Notice to Buyers:

  • Please complete the payment in the time set by the Seller, and then select Payment Completed. The order will automatically be canceled if you exceed the time limit.

  • If the Seller hasn't provided a valid payment method and you can't complete the payment, you may cancel the order. However, this may affect your completion rate. You may provide proof and request customer service to have this updated. Remember, only the Buyer can cancel the order.

  • Don't select Payment Completed if you've not completed the payment. This behaviour can be seen as fraudulent and may lead to your account being temporarily suspended.

  • You must use a valid bank account or wallet account when making a payment, which is registered in your full name and matches your OKX account.

  • It's best you choose a payment option that offers instant or fast transfer of funds. Using a payment method, such as international wire, can delay the completion of transactions.

  • Don't include a message in your payment transfer if it's not needed. If you've to include a message with the payment transfer, avoid using words such as cryptocurrency, BTC, USDT, OKX, Order Number, please release crypto in the message, as they may cause delays in the payment process.

  • Attempts to use any code, bots, or script that targets P2P orders with significant price differences may lead to your account being suspended.

  • OKX will hold the Seller's crypto until the transaction has been completed. If the Seller hasn't released crypto in a reasonable amount of time after you've paid and selected Payment Completed, you can raise a dispute. We'll help you resolve any disputes in a timely manner if you can prove you haven't received your crypto.

  • Should you select Cash in Person as the payment method, please note that there's no way for our customer service to validate that payment.

Notice to Sellers:

  • Make sure all your details are correct before you create an ad to sell crypto. If you spot an error in your details after the Buyer has made payment using the information you've provided, you must still fulfil the order.

  • If there are any inconsistencies with the Buyer's paying account and the information recorded on the platform, we recommend you to try reaching an agreement with the Buyer via the in-app chat. If agreement cannot be reached, raise a dispute with customer service so they can intervene.

  • The Buyer will make payment via the exact payment method you have provided to OKX. If you change the payment method after the Buyer has placed an order, the Buyer reserves the right to cancel the order.

  • Don't ask customer service to cancel orders. If you want to cancel your order, try to reach an agreement with the Buyer before contacting customer service. If you've already made the payment, arrange for the payment to be returned before canceling the order.

  • If you can't reach the Buyer or if both parties can't reach an agreement, raise a dispute and allow customer service to settle the dispute. To strengthen your case, have any documents and materials related to the transfer ready, so you can present it to customer service.

  • As a Seller, it's your responsibility to respond to transactions in a timely manner. If you're not online, remember to hide all your ads from the P2P marketplace by toggling the My status button to offline. This won't affect the ranking of your ads.

Note: The P2P trading guidelines don't apply to Chinese mainland users. In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English version and translations of this P2P trading guide, the English version shall prevail. In the event of any dispute, OKX's customer service decision is final and conclusive.