Our Partnership with Hidden Road to Offer Prime Brokerage Clients Access to Deep Liquidity and Streamlined Execution of Complex Trades

Today, we're happy to announce our strategic partnership with Hidden Road Partners (Hidden Road), the global credit network for institutions. This partnership aims to offer a turn-key experience for Hidden Road's clients, enabling them to execute advanced trading strategies and facilitate delta rolls more efficiently.

This partnership centers on the integration of our Nitro Spreads, a venue to execute basis, futures spreads, and funding rate arbitrage strategies, into Hidden Road's prime brokerage offerings. This will provide Hidden Road's robust institutional client base with the following benefits and capabilities:

  • On-demand access to our deep liquidity for both makers and takers;

  • The opportunity to minimize leg risk between markets (all orders on Nitro Spreads are guaranteed to fill in matching quantities for each leg or none at all); and

  • The ability to select a guaranteed spread for a trade before execution, mitigating the risk of unexpected price slippage.

    • Trades are then matched and settled immediately.

This collaboration follows our recent achievement of surpassing our all-time high in monthly futures spreads trading volume on Nitro Spreads, reaching nearly US$5 billion in March 2024*. The milestone is a testament to our dedication to enhancing our institutional offerings. For example, we recently launched a 'Quick Trading' mode on Nitro Spreads, which enables users to instantly select the 'Top of Book' on any spread/side with a double-click, removing the need to manually open order books or input details.

*Source: Laevitas (as of April 5, 2024)

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