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Gas station

Gas station#

X Layer gas station aims to help DApp developers by suggesting gas prices before they send transactions on the X Layer network. It's now on the X Layer testnet, checking 1500 recent transactions for price recommendations.


Send a GET request to the X Layer Gas Station endpoint to get a gas price recommendation from this oracle.




fetch('')  .then(response => response.json())  .then(json => console.log(json))


import requestsrequests.get('').json()


An example JSON response will look like this:

        "safeLow": 1,
        "standard": 1,
        "fast": 1,
        "fastest": 1,
        "blockTime": 2,
        "blockNumber": 308789
  • safelow, standard, fast, fastest are gas prices in Gwei. Feel free to utilize these prices according to your requirements before submitting the transaction to the X Layer testnet.
  • blockTime, in seconds, gives the average block time of the network.
  • blockNumber furnishes details about the most recent mined block at the time the recommendation was generated.
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