Announcement of historical data services scheduled maintenance

Publicado el 15 mar 2024Actualizado el 4 abr 2024lectura de 2 min

Please note that we'll be performing ‌system maintenance soon. You can check its schedule on our Status page. Our trading features won't be affected during maintenance, but historical data generated during this period will only be available after maintenance is complete.

The affected Open API endpoints are:

Endpoint name Endpoint path

Order details

GET /api/v5/trade/order
(Only affects canceled and filled orders)

Transaction details (last 3 days)

GET /api/v5/trade/fills

Transaction details (last 3 months)

GET /api/v5/trade/fills-history

Get bills details (last 7 days)

GET /api/v5/account/bills

Get bills details (last 3 months)

GET /api/v5/account/bills-archive

Order history (last 7 days)

GET /api/v5/trade/orders-history

Order history (last 3 months)

GET /api/v5/trade/orders-history-archive

Algo order history

GET /api/v5/trade/orders-algo-history
(Only affects TP/SL orders)

Get positions history

GET /api/v5/account/positions-history

The WebSocket push service won't be affected and can be used normally during maintenance.

Once this maintenance is completed, we'll restore historical data services as soon as possible. Thank you for your support!

OKX Team
March 15, 2024