How do I buy with debit / credit cards?

Published on Feb 22, 2024Updated on Apr 8, 20244 min read227

You can instantly buy crypto with a small fee using Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards. You can add a card by following these steps.

Getting started

  1. Login to your account

    • Open your OKX app > Buy > Buy crypto

    • Log in to your account, go to Buy crypto > Express buy

  2. Select the crypto you want to buy

  3. Enter the cash amount you want to spend or the crypto amount you want to buy and select the Select payment method

  4. Select Add card. You can skip this step if you have already added a card

    • Provide your card details to add your debit or credit card
      Note: you can only add cards that are under your name

    • Select Next and provide your billing address, then select Add card to complete adding a card to your account

    • After it's successfully added, select the card you just added on the payment selection page and Next

      CT-app-buy crypto-buy with card

      Select Add card on payment selection page

  5. Select the card you'd like to use and select Next to preview your purchase, then select Buy

  6. To confirm your transaction, you will need to obtain a code from your bank via SMS or the banking app. Once you receive the code, you can enter it to complete the transaction

  7. After completing your buy order, your cash balance will be deducted and you will receive your crypto in your assets

  8. You can select Review details to view your order history or select Back to home to your homepage


1. What cards can I use?

You can use Visa or Mastercard credit and debit cards from most regions except the US. At this time, we only support debit cards in the US.

2. What are the fees?

Fees may vary depending on the country of residence you belong to.









3. Why am I receiving an error when adding a card?

If you're experiencing difficulty with adding your card, please double-check that the card details you entered are accurate. If you're still having issues, reach out to us at for assistance. On some occasions, you will be prompted during the add card process to do extra authentication via a small micro charge or a 3-D secure authentication process.

4. Why am I receiving an error when completing a transaction with my card?

Please make sure your card hasn't expired and all details are entered correctly. If the issue persists, you can contact your bank to learn more or contact us at

5. I received a verification code while trying to complete a transaction. Where do I get this code from?

This code is generated by the issuing bank and is part of the 3-D secure authentication process, which helps to keep your card secure. You can enter the code you received from your bank to complete the transaction.

6. Do I still get charged if the transaction fails?

No, there's no fee charged if a transaction doesn't go through. If this occurs, please contact us at for assistance.

7. After the order is completed, where can I view the crypto I purchased?

After purchasing crypto with your card, go to the My assets to view your assets.

8. Where can I view purchases I've made?

You can go to the buy crypto page and select the crypto you bought, then find your transaction history on the order history page.

CT-app-buy with card-order history

Select order history in the top right corner