Managed Trading Sub Account Feature on OKX

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What are Managed Trading Sub Accounts?

  • A special sub-account type where investors entrust their sub accounts to trading team

  • It can guarantee the asset safety of investors and the strategic safety of trading teams, and both parties can enjoy a better VIP rate during the binding period

Who should use this feature?


  • Investors who are looking to authorise professional trading teams to manage their funds.

Trading Teams

  • Trading teams or institutions are looking to manage assets for various investors.

Visualisation of feature


Benefits of Managed Trading Sub Accounts


Trading Teams
Incorporate various trading strategies

Enjoy VIP trading rates of the trading teams

Have permission over account deposit and withdrawal permission - Trading Team has no access to these features unless given permission by investors

Can unbind from the trading team based on certain rules set or when the investors feel they should   
Protect your trading strategies from investors

Enjoy better VIP rates when more managed trading sub accounts are linked (Higher Volume)

One platform to manage all their clients' funds   

Rules on Managed Sub Accounts

Refer here (Rules on Managed Sub Accounts)

Creation and Processes of Managed Trading Sub Accounts

Refer here (Step by Step Guide of Managed Trading Sub Accounts)


General Questions:

1. Does OKX take any additional fee for this feature?

OKX does not take any additional fee for this feature. We only take our standard trading fees depending on the trading account tier

2. What are the trading fees logic for this feature?

You can refer to this link here to get a more detailed information


1. How Managed Trading Sub Accounts can I create?

This is dependent on your tier level refer to the table below for a better understanding


2. Which trading rates am I subjected to with my Managed Trading Sub Accounts

It will be the rate of the trading team. Refer here for the breakdown of the trading fees

3. Will I be able to see the P&L of my Managed Trading Sub Accounts?

You will be able to see the asset value in the account, however, P&L will not be provided.

4. Am I able to view the trading positions in the Managed Trading Sub Accounts?

This permission is controlled by the trading team. If you want to be able to view your positions, please liaise with your trading team.

5. When will I obtain the trading fees of the trading team?

It will take effect on the next day UTC +0

Trading team:

1. How many Managed Trading Sub Accounts can be linked?

This is subject to OKX discretion. We will decide how many Managed Trading Sub-Accounts can be linked to the Trading Team's account.

2. How can I be a trading team on OKX?

You need to have an account in OKX, with VIP level >=1. If these requirements are satisfied, please contact the corresponding account manager to apply.

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