Coordinator parameters#

These parameters are configured in the coordinator contract. You can view these values by running getConfig on the coordinator or by viewing the coordinator contracts in a blockchain explorer.

  • uint16 minimumRequestConfirmations: The minimum number of confirmation blocks on VRF requests before oracles respond
  • uint32 maxGasLimit: The maximum gas limit supported for a fulfillRandomWords callback.
  • uint32 gasAfterPaymentCalculation: How much gas is used outside of the payment calculation. This covers the additional operations required to decrement the subscription balance and increment the balance for the oracle that handled the request.

Fee parameters#

Fee parameters are configured in the coordinator contract and specify the premium you pay per request in addition to the gas cost for the transaction. You can view them by running getFeeConfig on the coordinator. The uint32 fulfillmentFlatFeeOKTPPMTier1 parameter defines the fees per request specified in millionths of OKT. The details for calculating the total transaction cost can be found here.


VRF coordinators for subscription funding are available on several networks. To see a list of coordinators for direct funding, see the Direct Funding Configurations page.

OKT mainnet#

VRF Coordinator0xCC5169D5484eEc4Bf3a0caF388773aC4c3e1eD7a
10 gwei Key Hash0xafbffab6e68cb6699436d34fb0351f36ee1188d933b35992889561f58e5cb2c0
20 gwei Key Hash0x042158abfa1748a71524546afea06756f6e290f3a3122bacf2ca8f6d2f1e6955
Max Gas Limit5000000
Minimum Confirmations0
Maximum Confirmations200