Best crypto trading simulators to hone your paper trading skills

Practice makes perfect — if you're familiar with this adage, you'll understand that it applies well to crypto trading, with all its volatility. Whether you're a beginner crypto trader or someone who's interested in testing out a new strategy, crypto trading simulators provide a safe space to hone your skills and develop the knowhow needed for successful crypto trading. Just like any athlete wouldn't dream of competing without extensive practice, a crypto trader shouldn't jump into the market without proper preparation.

From understanding the importance of crypto paper trading to discovering the best crypto trading simulators and paper trading apps for budding crypto traders, here's all you need to know when it comes to using crypto trading simulators.

What are crypto trading simulators?

Also known as demo trading, crypto trading simulators are virtual platforms that mimic real-world cryptocurrency exchanges. They allow you to practice buying and selling cryptocurrencies with virtual funds, replicating the experience of trading in the live market.

How do crypto trading simulators work?

Upon creating an account on the chosen simulator platform, the demo trading platform then provides you with a balance of virtual money. You can use this virtual money to trade various spot and derivatives trading pairs offered by the simulator. By displaying real-time and historical market data, crypto trading simulators allow you to experience price fluctuations and market movements just like in a real exchange while placing different order types, analyzing charts, and tracking your simulated performance.

Why use a crypto trading simulator?

One valid concern many new crypto traders may have is the value of using crypto trading simulators. After all, given the lowered stakes involved, they may be led to believe that success within it doesn't objectively matter. While true to a certain extent, the act of crypto paper trading matters because the platform acts as your personal training ground for crypto trading. Since there's zero chance of you losing your hard-earned funds in a practice environment, trading on such simulator platforms allows you to fully put strategies you've learned into practice while mimicking real-world market conditions. This is a fantastic way for beginners with zero crypto knowledge to:

  • Learn the ropes: Crypto trading simulators effectively introduce you to the basic concepts of crypto trading. This includes experience with essentials like order types, market terminology, and technical analysis tools so you're able to master the fundamentals of crypto trading.

  • Test your strategies: Do you have a hunch about a specific trade to execute? Simulators allow you to test your trading ideas before putting real money on the line. You can backtest different strategies, make use of different order types, and see how you'd perform in various market conditions.

  • Gain confidence: Crypto trading can be nerve-wracking given its always-on nature and massive volatility. This is doubly so for beginners. As such, crypto trading simulators help you overcome that initial fear by letting you get comfortable with the trading interface and the fast-paced nature of the crypto market. Moreover, crypto trading simulators help you develop emotional discipline by allowing you to experience simulated wins and losses without real financial consequences. This emotional control translates into calmer decision-making when trading with real money.

Benefits for experienced crypto traders

Crypto trading simulators aren't just for beginners. Even seasoned traders can benefit from trading in a simulated environment as they're a great way to:

  • Refine existing strategies: Test your existing trading strategies in different market scenarios to optimize their effectiveness.

  • Explore new markets or assets: Before venturing into trading a new crypto narrative or a more complex trading product like derivatives, use the simulator to familiarize yourself with the mechanics.

  • Hedge your bets: Thanks to the platform's realistic environment, experienced crypto traders can simulate real-world trades to evaluate potential risks and rewards before committing your actual capital to a hedge.

Best crypto trading simulators to check out

Now that you understand the benefits of crypto paper trading on a demo account, let's explore some of the best crypto trading simulators available.

OKX Demo Trading

OKX Demo Trading provides the optimal training ground to hone your crypto trading skills and gain valuable experience before venturing into the live market. Despite being a crypto trading simulator, our demo trading accounts allow you to enjoy the same real-time market data, array of trading indicators, and order execution you'll find on our live exchange. Equipped with a virtual balance, you can experiment with trading various spot and futures trading pairs while exploring different trading strategies without any financial risk.

New to crypto trading on OKX? Beginners can grasp core concepts like order types, market terminology, and technical analysis tools while seasoned traders can refine existing strategies and experiment with crypto derivatives with zero financial repercussions. This ultimately empowers you to take control of your crypto journey, allowing you to experiment, learn, and gain the confidence needed to navigate the exciting yet dynamic world of crypto trading.


What makes Gainium stand out from the rest of the crypto trading simulators on this list is its focus on enhanced automation and data analysis. While most simulators offer basic order execution, Gainium elevates your crypto trading game with integrated trading bots. These bots can be programmed with specific technical indicators and webhooks, allowing you to automate your trading strategies based on pre-defined market signals or external events. With this feature, bots will automatically trade a specific cryptocurrency pair when a key technical indicator reaches a certain level, all within the safe confines of the simulator.

By offering such advanced features and functions, Gainium caters to aspiring crypto traders who want to delve deeper into algorithmic trading and data-driven strategies. As such, it's the perfect platform for those who want to go beyond basic practice and explore automated trading in a safe and controlled environment.

Bitcoin Flip

Bitcoin Flip stands out among all simulators because of its minimalist approach to crypto trading. Unlike other crypto trading simulator environments that try to replicate their live-market counterparts, Bitcoin Flip keeps the paper trading experience simplified with an intuitive trading interface that avoids the need for complex inputs.

With no order book or limit order option in sight, the app recreates a simplified trading experience that includes 18 popular coins and tokens for paper traders to choose from. Simply define the amount you're willing to trade with, vary the amount of leverage used, and decide whether you want to buy or sell at existing prices. In creating such a beginner-friendly sandbox, Bitcoin Flip significantly reduces the barrier to entry when it comes to crypto trading and is certainly worth exploring further if you're entirely new to the world of trading in financial markets.

TradingView Paper Trading

If you're even remotely interested in trading, you'll likely have heard of TradingView as the go-to charting platform used by many professional traders. While not exclusively focused on crypto, it offers a robust paper trading feature that caters to aspiring crypto traders who want to delve deeper into technical analysis. Among the many crypto trading simulators, it's arguable to say crypto paper trading on TradingView would be the most helpful because transitioning to a live environment while maintaining familiarity with the interface will be easy.

After toggling the paper trading option, you're ready to practice trading various cryptocurrencies using TradingView's vast array of charting tools, technical indicators, and crypto trading pairs. From backtesting your trading strategies to refining your approach when studying existing price action, TradingView's paper trading feature creates a risk-free playground to experiment and build your crypto trading confidence.


Roostoo is a user-friendly crypto trading simulator designed specifically for beginners. Unlike some simulators that tend to oversimplify the crypto trading experience, Roostoo boasts a sleek, minimalist trading interface that sits in the sweet spot between being overly complex and unrealistically simple. This makes it perfect for those new to the crypto space who want to learn the ropes without getting bogged down in complexities. By offering real-time market data, close to 100 different tradeable coins and tokens, and essential trading features, Roostoo provides a realistic learning environment that eases beginners into the world of crypto trading without feeling intimidated.

For those who crave a challenge, Roostoo even offers the option of upping your trading game by providing access to a TradingView chart of the coin or token you're keen on learning how to trade. All in all, it's the perfect stepping stone for those who want to grasp core concepts, hone their skills, and build confidence before venturing into the live crypto market.

Choosing the right crypto trading simulator for you

With so many options available, it might be tough to pick the right crypto trading simulator. Here are some key features to consider:

  • User interface and ease of use: If you're a beginner, it's worth prioritizing a user-friendly interface with clear instructions and tutorials so you can easily learn the ropes.

  • Available cryptocurrencies and trading options: Choose a simulator that offers the cryptocurrencies you're interested in and the trading options you want to explore. This can range from spot trading and futures trading to options trading and leverage trading with derivatives.

  • Data feeds and market realism: For a realistic experience, consider the best crypto trading simulators that use real-time or historical market data. This helps you understand how price movements impact your trading decisions.

  • Additional features: Ideally, you should look for simulators with features that enhance your learning experience, such as charting tools, news feeds, social features to interact with other traders, and educational resources to sharpen your crypto trading skills.

Final words and next steps

Crypto trading simulators are a fantastic way to kickstart your crypto journey without risking real money. They provide a safe space to learn the ropes, test your strategies, and build confidence before venturing into the real market. Whether you prefer trading on a crypto trading simulator with a sleek and realistic user interface like OKX or one that makes trading as simple as possible like Bitcoin Flip, we hope our guide to the best crypto trading simulators for paper trading has proven useful as you seek out one that best fits your crypto trading needs.

As successful crypto trading requires a combination of knowledge, experience, and risk management, crypto trading simulators provide a stepping stone for you to continuously learn about various trading strategies and insights that'll guide you to becoming a successful crypto trader.

Interested in learning more about crypto trading? Check out our guide to the best crypto trading indicators. Alternatively, you can also give live trading a go by checking out our various spot trading and futures trading pairs for large caps like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Is there a simulator that focuses on technical analysis?

Several simulators offer charting tools and technical indicators, allowing you to practice technical analysis. OKX and TradingView are popular options given their robust charting platform and large number of coins and tokens to choose from.

Can I make money with a crypto trading simulator?

No, crypto trading simulators use virtual funds and don't involve real money. Their purpose is to help you learn and practice trading strategies without financial risk.

How long should I use a simulator before trading with real money?

There's no set timeframe. It depends on your learning pace and comfort level. Aim to consistently make succesfull trades in the simulator before risking real capital.

Are there any risks involved in using a crypto trading simulator?

The only risk is developing unrealistic expectations. While simulators offer a valuable learning experience, they don't perfectly replicate the real market, which can be more volatile and unpredictable.

What are some good habits to develop when using a simulator?

Develop good trading habits like setting take profit and stop-loss orders to limit potential losses, keeping a trading journal to track your progress, and maintaining a disciplined approach.

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