How do I create passkeys? (app)

Published on Aug 16, 2023Updated on Jul 3, 20245 min read2,434

What are passkeys?

OKX now supports Fast Identity Online (FIDO) passkeys as a two-factor authentication method. Passkeys allow you to enjoy password-free login without the need for verification codes while being the most secure option to protect your account.

Learn more about FIDO at:

Create a passkey

Please note that passkey verification methods may vary depending on the platform or service you are using. The passkey can be added from your phone's biometrics such as Fingerprint Unlock or Face ID, a USB security key, or from another device (e.g., another phone). Follow the instructions provided during the process.

  1. Before you create a passkey, make sure you at least have:

    • A mobile device with iOS 16.0.0+ or Android 7.0+, or

    • A USB security key that supports the FIDO2 protocol

  2. Open the OKX app, go to menu, and select Profile and settings

    CT-app-homepage-user center

    Select menu at the top left corner

  3. Find the Security in the User center and find the Security center

    CT-app-user center-security

    Select Security on the user center page

  4. Select Passkeys

    CT-app-security center-passkey

    Select Passkeys to continue

  5. Select Enable and complete the security verification

    App passkey 2FA

    Select one of the options to complete the security verification

  6. If you want to create your passkey with your current device, select Continue and complete the biometric authentication/PIN code on your device

    App passkey current device

    Select Continue to create a passkey with your current device

  7. If you want to create your passkey on a different device, select Other Options

    • Select iPhone, iPad, or Android device

      App passkey other device

      Select iPhone, iPad, or Android device to create a passkey with other mobile devices

      • Use the other device to scan the QR code and complete the authentication

    • Select Security key (only available on iOS devices)

      App passkey security key

      Select Security key to create a passkey with your external security key

      • Insert your security key and follow the instructions to create your passkey

Verify with passkey

Passkey verification is currently conducted during both the login and P2P processes. Once you have enabled the passkey feature, here is the process to verify it during the login flow:

Verify with your current device

  1. Log in to your account

  2. You'll be prompted to use passkey to sign in


    If you enable passkey, you'll be prompted by using passkey to sign in

  3. Or you can close the window and select Log in with password to sign in

    CT-app-passkey-login with password

    Select login with password to sign in

Verify with another device

  1. Log in to your account

  2. You'll be prompted to use passkey to sign in and select Other Sign In Options

    CT-app-passkey-other sign in options

    Select other sign in options to use another device to verify your passkey

  3. Select iPhone, iPad, or Android device and select Continue to get a QR code

  4. Use your other device to scan the QR code to sign in to OKX

Rename passkey

You can go to menu > Profile and settings > Security > Security center > Passkeys to rename your passkey to help you identify the passkey easily.


Select the edit icon to rename your passkey

Remove passkey

If you happen to exceed the limit of 10 passkeys for your account, you can remove any unused passkeys.

Note: removing your passkeys may potentially lower the security level of your account or device. It is highly recommended to consider the associated risks before proceeding.


Select the remove icon to remove your passkey