What is Ultiverse (ULTI): exploring AI-integrated onchain gaming

Ultiverse is a game production and publishing platform that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI), Web3, and cryptographic technologies into its creations. AI, blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens, decentralized applications, and a varied media matrix combine to create what Ultiverse calls a "digital society" — one defined by immersive and engaging play, creation, and connectivity.

The platform was the first to introduce an AI gaming protocol that applied large language models to the design of a self-sustaining onchain gaming world. Meanwhile, Ultiverse has created a software development kit (SDK) that aims to simplify the integration process for developers and ease the transition for players trying out Web3 games for the first time.

Gaming is one of various traditional industries that's now finding its footing in the next version of the internet, and Ultiverse is making a sizable contribution. In this article, we'll walk you through what Ultiverse is, explore the features of its AI-driven ecosystem, explain the project's ULTI token, and much more.


  • Ultiverse is an onchain gaming platform that applies artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to create expansive and community-driven virtual worlds.

  • Ultiverse was the first platform of its kind to introduce an AI gaming protocol, called the Bodhi Protocol, that applies large language models to the design and launch of digital worlds.

  • Various games and experiences can be accessed in the Ultiverse ecosystem, including BAC Games, Moonlight, and Terminus. These games and experiences incorporate interactive NFTs to support the decentralized ownership of assets and provide a vehicle for exploring Ultiverse's digital worlds.

  • ULTI is the native token of the Ultiverse ecosystem. This utility token underpins the platform's play-to-earn model. ULTI is rewarded to players for in-game achievements, and is also used to acquire in-game assets and compensate Ultiverse for integrating DApps. The token also supports the decentralized governance of the ecosystem.

What is Ultiverse?

Ultiverse provides a platform where users can build and inhabit immersive digital worlds that incorporate AI and blockchain technology. When building its platform, the project reportedly took inspiration from similarly immersive worlds in popular culture, such as the movies Westworld and Free Guy.

Web3's core characteristics of decentralization and personal ownership are evident as Ultiverse presents an alternative to the conventional gaming model. That's seen through the use of AI-driven avatars built around personal user-submitted data, digital asset ownership via NFTs, and governance rights over the platform for holders of the $ULTI token.

Ultiverse isn't only developing onchain games but the surrounding infrastructure to support interoperability across onchain games and wider Web3 platforms, such as exchanges and wallets. This approach could provide a valuable gateway for more users to discover onchain gaming via their existing interactions with Web3.

Understanding the Ultiverse ecosystem

The Ultiverse ecosystem depends on a number of pillars to function effectively.

About the Bodhi Protocol

Ultiverse has made clear the significance of its Bodhi Protocol to the ecosystem. The protocol — a pioneering technology in the space — applies generative AI to Ultiverse's Web3 assets to help create an expansive gaming ecosystem. Through the protocol, gaming becomes less passive and supports the creation of assets and avatars that are heavily personalized. Initially developed by Ultiverse, the protocol is being made available to developers and users so they can apply large language models to create their own content across the platform's various gaming worlds.

Ultiverse states that the Bodhi Protocol provides two main functions:

  • Customization of Ulti-pilot: The protocol allows AI non-player characters (NPCs) to be heavily customized, adding the layer of deep personalization that's fundamental to Ultiverse's appeal. Ulti-pilot is the name of the portal through which users can create their avatars before entering one of the many worlds in the Ultiverse ecosystem.

  • Creation of AI micro worlds: The Bodhi Protocol supports the creation of AI-powered micro worlds within existing games, creating a more expansive and interconnected ecosystem. These micro worlds are connected via AI NPCs that act as nodes linking the wider Ultiverse world together.

Ultiverse infrastructure

Complementing the Bodhi Protocol is the infrastructure underpinning Ultiverse.

A significant part of the infrastructure that's currently under development is the Ultiverse Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK has been designed to help ease the transition of game projects into the Web3 space by "streamlining the integration process for developers and facilitating a seamless onboarding experience for players engaging with Web3 applications and games", according to Ultiverse.

Fundamental features of Web3 can be incorporated with greater simplicity via the SDK, including built-in multi-party computation, account abstraction wallets, leaderboards, achievements, continuous training for AI, and more.

Connected to the SDK is Mission Runner, a quest platform that rewards users for completing specific tasks. Significantly, the quest platform integrates with games in the Ultiverse ecosystem, strengthening the interconnectivity and synchronization evident across the platform. Users can do much more than follow an X account, for example, as the quest platform rewards in-game achievements and activity.

Ultiverse Live is another tool that aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming, guiding more players to experience onchain gaming and, ideally, convert. Ultiverse Live is the platform's media division, and its goal is to spotlight Web3 projects by giving users access to project details and updates. Influencer engagement, 'ask me anything' sessions, and a presence on X help Ultiverse Live to communicate openly with its audience and attract new users.

Another influential component of the Ultiverse infrastructure is World Book Creator, which complements the capabilities of Ulti-pilot in creating personalized avatars. With World Book, users can elevate their Ulti-pilot by tailoring the story lines, characters, objectives, and more to them.

Micro world decentralized applications

The micro worlds mentioned above are built as decentralized applications (DApps) that allow the ecosystem to operate securely and autonomously. Smart contracts make this happen, as they define and enforce the rules and interactions of the Ultiverse world.

Core assets

Ultiverse's core assets are integral to the smooth functioning of the onchain gaming ecosystem, providing security, transparency, and interoperability. The Ultiverse white paper spotlights some of these core assets.

Electric Sheep is the ecosystem's genesis NFT collection. It consists of 7,000 unique digital collectibles inspired by the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep." The collection's creative concept is reflected in the themes and game play of the wider Ultiverse ecosystem. Electric Sheep holders gain exclusive rights and incentives, including ULTI token airdrops, enhanced utility as they engage across the ecosystem, the ability to access greater token rewards, and priority access to micro worlds, such as World Fragment. World Fragment is a specific type of NFT that allows micro worlds to be created within larger digital environments. Holders of a World Fragment can use the World Book creator to create books that guide the storyline, characters, objectives, and core conflicts of a micro world.

Ulti-pilot is also considered a core asset given its significance to users' engagement across the ecosystem and their ability to infuse their avatar with personal attributes. So much so, users can upload voice, images, past conversations, and learned knowledge and skills. Ulti-pilots can be used to engage in activities, earn ULTI tokens, form collaborative teams, swap insights, and more. Meanwhile, when users interact with the Ultiverse platform, they share data that helps Ultiverse train their Ulti-pilot, and earn ULTI token rewards as a result.

Meanwhile, MetaGF is a personalized AI assistant designed to help users navigate the Ultiverse ecosystem. MetaGF can keep users updated on Web3 news, share recommendations based on past interactions and activities, help you manage social interactions, and chronicle your journey through the Ultiverse world.

What games and experiences are in the Ultiverse world?

Now that we understand more about the Ultiverse ecosystem and its various moving parts, what games and experiences can be accessed here?

BAC Games

BAC Games is a series of automotive-themed games built on the Blast blockchain. Blast Auto Club (BAC) is the series' opening title, and it invites players to build, develop, and manage a racing car club alongside friends. Holders of the game's Role NFT work together to manufacture cars and compete in different cities to earn BAC tokens. Version two of the game is due to go live during the second quarter of 2024, when the BAC token will launch alongside other updates such as the arrival of the genesis PFP NFT collection.


Moonlight is a simulation game built around dynamic Moonlight NFTs. Each asset — a customizable character with their own personality — can be interacted with to complete tasks and gradually uncover new features. Moonlight's narrative centers on a humanoid girl that awakens in a laboratory with no memories of her past. She soon realizes she must practice human behavior and build her skills to help the citizens of Terminus City live better.

Moonlight is accessed by signing up for an Ultiverse account, where you'll automatically acquire a game wallet to hold your NFTs.


Terminus is the Ultiverse metaverse platform, built on the BNB Chain in Unreal Engine 5. Here, users can interact in real-time and explore lands built by their peers. There's also the option to acquire vacant land to build upon yourself. Terminus is therefore designed to be just like any real-world city — a space where you can explore, build, and interact. What's more, Terminus grants users access to wider games and experiences across the Ultiverse platform.

Meta Merge

In the Meta Merge game, you become the collector and trainer of the world's monsters. You can capture and merge NFT creatures to create more unique and capable monsters, and pit your creatures against others through 'player versus player' and 'player versus environment' battles. You can also form a team and embark on various adventures, strengthening your group's abilities and creating a unique storyline. Here, AI continues to influence the experience. The Meta Merge AI-generated content function creates unique creatures for you to train and interact with, adding another element of uniqueness to your experience.

About ULTI: token utility and tokenomics

ULTI is the native token of the Ultiverse platform. ULTI is an interoperable utility token with multiple roles:

  • Governance: ULTI holders gain governance rights, which allow them to vote on project decisions and influence the strategic direction of Ultiverse.

  • Transactions: The micro worlds created by users compensate Ultiverse with ULTI for integrating DApps. As such, ULTI is the foundation for transactions in the ecosystem. Similarly, players can acquire game assets from micro worlds using their ULTI holdings.

  • Rewards: ULTI is given as a reward when ecosystem users achieve certain tasks or complete actions. That includes holding Electric Sheep NFTs, or creating and participating in a team activity. ULTI is also given as a reward when users adopt products that generate the insightful data Ultiverse requires to train Ulti-pilots.

At the time of writing, ULTI has a total market cap of $7.16 million. The token has a total supply of 10 billion, with 477.5 million ULTI currently in circulation. The token has been allocated to the community in the following portions.

  • 30% allocated to the ecosystem

  • 20% allocated to investors

  • 17% allocated to the team

  • 15% allocated to the community

  • 18% allocated via airdrop

  • 7% allocated to initial exchange liquidity

  • 3% allocated to advisory resources

ULTI token allocation
Source: docs.ultiverse.io

How to buy and hold ULTI

ULTI can be acquired and held through other methods beyond the many interactions with the Ultiverse ecosystem, as explored above.

ULTI can be traded on the OKX exchange in eligible countries via our web or app platforms, giving you quick access to the token before you explore the Ultiverse ecosystem.

Meanwhile, OKX users had the opportunity to join OKX Jumpstart during June 2024 and stake their BTC or ETH to mine ULTI tokens. 150,000,000 ULTI were available from each BTC and ETH staking pool.

The final word

Ultiverse is helping to reconstruct the conventional gaming model for Web3, using AI and blockchain technology as cornerstones of the experience. Its ecosystem aims to be more immersive, customizable, and ownable than traditional gaming worlds, helped by the involvement of the Bodhi Protocol and large language learning models.

There's still work to be done to smooth the transition from conventional gaming over to onchain alternatives, but Ultiverse's platform is working towards this end. With various Ultiverse projects still under development, many eyes will be on the platform as its AI-powered infrastructure continues to evolve and create new opportunities for users.

Interested in learning more about blockchain gaming and the GameFi space? Take a look at our introductory guide here.


What is Ultiverse?

Ultiverse is an AI-powered onchain gaming platform. The platform combines cryptographic and blockchain technologies to create what it calls a digital society where users can play, create, and interact across virtual worlds. Highly customizable avatars and interoperability across worlds help to provide an immersive experience for users.

What is an onchain game?

Onchain games are those that live and operate on blockchains. All data and player actions are recorded onchain via smart contracts rather than a centralized server, as is the case with conventional gaming platforms.

What onchain games does Ultiverse offer?

At the time of writing, Ultiverse offers a number of onchain games and experiences. Blast Auto Club (BAC) is the first in a series of automotive games that allows you to join together with friends to build, develop, and manage a racing car club, earning ULTI tokens in return. Meanwhile, Moonlight is a futuristic simulation game built around interactive and customizable NFTs.

Terminus is the platform's metaverse experience, where you can build your own immersive spaces and interact with those created by others. And, Meta Merge invites you to capture, collect, and battle NFT creatures alone or as a team, with generative AI granting you unique creatures to own and interact with.

What is Ultiverse's native token?

ULTI is the project's native token. ULTI grants holders governance rights to influence the platform's direction. The token is also used for transactions within the Ultiverse ecosystem, including paying to integrate DApps when creating micro worlds. ULTI is also rewarded to users for completing various actions with the ecosystem.

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