Що таке функція відгуків щодо P2P– торгівлі на OKX (Trading Reviews)?

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OKX P2P Trading Reviews feature is a way for users to rate and review their trading partners. It empowers users to make informed choices regarding their trading partners.

How can I leave feedback?

  1. Open your OKX account on Web or App, select P2P Trading on Buy Crypto

  2. Select My orders, before selecting your completed order to leave feedback

  3. All you have to do then is scroll down to leave a review section which requires you to select "positive or negative" feedback, with the option of adding your own comment to it

CT-p2p trading reviews-app-1

A Taker can leave their feedback at the completed order details page, once you've selected the order


  • When an order is complete, a Taker can submit your review within the first 15 days. Each order can only have 1 active review.

  • Within this 15-day period, a Taker is only able to edit negative reviews, as editing on positive review is disabled

  • A Taker can choose to keep the negative rating and only change the comment part of the review

  • A Maker can submit one reply to a Taker's review, regardless of their review status

  • The reply is only available within the 15 days after the Taker's review submission date

  • Once submitted the reply, a Maker can't delete or edit the reply

How can I view feedback?

Open your OKX account on Web or App, select P2P Trading on the Buy Crypto tab and select My profile before selecting Reviews to view the feedback.

How does the review looks like?

CT-web-P2P-Reviews page on OKX Web

Reviews page on OKX Web

P2P Reviews page on OKX App

Reviews page on OKX App

Why should I use the OKX P2P Trading Reviews feature?

  • It helps to build trust and transparency in the OKX P2P platform.

  • It allows users to make informed decisions about who to trade with.

  • It helps in eliminating unreliable and untrustworthy trading partners.

Note: if you're using the P2P platform, we encourage you to leave feedback for your trading partners as it helps make the platform safer and more reliable.

What are the tips for writing good feedback?

  • Specific and detailed in your feedback.

  • Focus on the positive and negative aspects of trading experience.

  • Fair and unbiased feedback.

  • Avoid personal attacks or insults.