New this week: Tools to help you DYOR and Ordinals World Tour


Onchain Weekly #2

Proactive Warnings, Liquidity Monitoring & Limit Orders

Welcome back to Onchain Weekly!

This is the second edition of a new series that invites you behind-the-scenes with the OKX Wallet team. It's a sneak peek into what we're building and why we're building it. Here, you'll see first-hand why Wallet is the most secure and compatible wallet to manage, swap, and explore everything onchain.

Here's what's new this week

New tools to stay safe when swapping tokens

Worried about honeypots, hidden taxes, or rugs? If so, take a closer look at the tools and indicators we've built to help you assess whether a token or contract is malicious, high risk, or open to modifications. Select any token from the 'Trade' page, to access the 'Assessment' and security notices. Look out for more improvements to this feature over the next few weeks.

Look out for honeypot, contract modification and tax risks, before committing to a swap

More context on market movements

Markets move fast, especially with liquidity flowing through multiple routes and platforms. We've made it easier for you to stay on top of market movements with new charting and transaction monitoring capabilities. Select the token you're researching and scroll down on 'Charts' for more.

Review historical liquidity changes and transaction history across DEXs

Protect yourself from unfavorable prices

Okay, so technically speaking, this one isn't brand new this week, but maybe you missed it. Limit Order is an awesome tool to help you avoid buying or selling tokens at unfavorable prices. Simply go to 'Swap' for the token you want to trade and navigate to 'Limit Order.'

Understanding Limit Orders can give you more control over the price you buy or sell.

We're taking ordinals on a world tour

The Ordinals World Tour brings together pioneers, builders, artists, and creators from the Bitcoin ecosystem for a global meetup series spanning Asia, Europe, and the U.S. We're teaming up with Ordzaar and other community partners to host the series, coming soon to a city near you. Destinations and schedule to be revealed shortly, keep an eye on X (Twitter) for news.


Thanks for reading, and until next week.

The OKX Wallet team - Onchain, any chain.

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