Introduction to OKX Copy Trading

Gepubliceerd op 21 dec 2022Geüpdatet op 4 apr 20242 min. leestijd

Copy trading is a new social investment approach and portfolio management tool. Regular traders can replicate the trading success of lead traders by copying their strategies and automatically executing them in real markets. At the same time, lead traders can earn profit shares from traders who’ve copied their trades.

OKX Copy Trading aims to build an efficient, transparent, and profitable trading tool for OKX traders. With a low minimum trading limit, copy and lead traders can quickly explore new ways to open revenue streams, gain exposure, and engage with the wider trading community.

Copy trades and start earning with just 1 click
  1. Access to one of the world’s largest digital crypto exchanges, with strong market depth, high liquidity, and low slippage and spread
  2. A simple subscription function, letting you easily follow real-time trades of lead traders
  3. Skilled and reliable traders, letting you enjoy easy and stress-free trading
  4. Accurate trading data to help you track every trading action
Lead traders

Make multiple gains from each trade
  1. One of the highest profit-sharing ratios in the industry at 13%
  2. Access to OKX’s high trading traffic
  3. Diversified rewards and incentives