The 10 best NFT projects to keep an eye on in 2024

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets with unique characteristics, enabling them to represent ownership of items in the real world. These tokens are built on blockchain technology and can take various forms, including artwork, music, videos, and games.

The NFT market has witnessed substantial growth in recent years, although the pace of change has slowed compared to 2021. However, 2024 has introduced a new breed of digital collectibles with BTC ordinals and Ethscriptions. NFTs are far from a fading trend, especially with the ongoing advancements in technologies like Generative AI, which continually push the boundaries of what's possible in this space.

If you're interested in getting involved with NFTs, this article provides an overview of some noteworthy NFT projects available today and launching soon.


  • New digital collectibles and evolving NFT applications are on the rise.

  • The NFT market began to pick up again during late 2023 after slowing since a strong 2021.

  • Advancements like Generative AI are changing the NFT landscape by allowing creators to produce highly personalized and unique digital artifacts.

  • NFTs are more than simply digital collectibles, and now have use cases across gaming, art, and real estate.

  • Like the wider crypto space, NFTs do come with risk. Before participating in an NFT project, be sure to research it thoroughly and never spend what you can't afford.

Top 10 NFT projects of 2024

Apart from their redeemables, what sets NFTs apart is the availability of something to suit everyone's interests. However, top-tier NFT projects can be intimidating due to their high value, potentially making it a challenge to add them to your crypto portfolio.

To help you explore the space, we've curated a list of 10 leading NFT projects catering to diverse interests and goals. This compilation, presented in no particular order, aims to provide you with strong options to consider as you explore the world of NFTs.

1. Honeyland: face off in PvP battles as a bee

Honeyland NFT visual

Do you hear the bees buzzing? Honeyland is a game centered on managing a virtual swarm of bees to earn Honey ($HXD), the in-game currency. You send your bees on harvesting missions, hunt for honeypots, breed new bees, and engage in player-vs-player (PvP) battles.

Harvesting involves players collecting Honey ($HXD) by sending bees to gather resources. Hunting involves searching for honeypots filled with valuable shards, which can be exchanged for items to enhance your bees and the wider gameplay.

Breeding allows players to grow their swarms by creating new bees, adding variety and strategic depth to the experience. PvP battles offer competitive gameplay, where players raid other hives to steal Honey, adding a risk-reward opportunity.

Land ownership rewards players with commission and weekly airdrops when others use their land for hunting and harvesting. The Game Mall offers mini-games where players can use Honey and Zzubs for gaming experiences and cosmetic upgrades.

Honeyland is accessible with a free-to-play model and a starter Hive, appealing to casual and serious gamers.

2. Metropoly: NFT marketplace for real estate properties

Metro Okx

Metropoly NFT could be the right choice if you're a real estate lover. It's a blockchain concept providing users with access to the hottest real estate properties as NFTs. Each property is tokenized and uploaded to the blockchain network. Users can buy fractions of these properties from there and earn passive monthly income.

Metropoly is accessible by anyone anywhere and at any time. Participants can enter and interact within the metaverse for as little as $100. Users can begin to diversify their portfolios in the real estate industry and earn passive returns. What’s even more interesting is that each NFT property is denoted as a share. It can also be sold off anytime to meet the liquid needs of its holders.

Many consider the real estate NFT space to have plenty of promise. In April 2023, Metropoly raised over $1.1 million for its NFT marketplace, backed by real estate assets. While the project's blog isn't up to date, it's best to get updates on its X account, where Metropoly is active.

3. Polygon Doodles: a Polygon-native NFT collection

Polygon Okx

Polygon Doodles is essentially a replica of the popular Doodles NFT collection. With its animated box piece, the collection differs from its counterparts. Each box features a visually appealing NFT piece that levitates. Once a user purchases the box, they get to unveil a unique NFT inside it.

There are currently 10,000 Polygon Doodles, each having different traits, color combinations, and unique attributes. It presents a unique opportunity to gain exposure to NFTs linked with the top Ethereum scaling solution. Since July 2023, there's been a 2,023 claimed supply and 7,977 unclaimed supply of Polygon Doodles.

4. Saved Souls: for thrill-seekers and Web3 explorers

Saved Souls NFT visual
Introducing the Saved Souls NFT project

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey as Saved Souls embraces a prominent nautical theme, immersing you in a world of exploration and adventure.

Much like the highly acclaimed Bored Ape Yacht Club, Saved Souls takes the concept of profile picture (PFP) NFTs to new heights. With its use of cutting-edge algorithms, these unique avatars are meticulously crafted and adorned with traits of various rarities. With each NFT, you possess a one-of-a-kind character that's as captivating as it is exclusive.

The project has shared plans to introduce gamification features tailored specifically for Saved Souls NFT holders. One example includes the ability for holders to earn achievements upon reaching specific milestones. Additionally, the community is actively engaged in the goal to unlock the map of the Saved Souls world, promoting a sense of collaboration and camaraderie among members.

Saved Souls provides holders with their own ENS (Ethereum Name Service) sub-domain, a decentralized domain name system built on the Ethereum blockchain. For example, if you own groceries.eth, you could create the sub-domain shop.groceries.eth as a Saved Souls holder.

5. Game of Silks: fantasy NFT horse racing

Silks Okx

Game of Silks (GoS) should be a top NFT project to explore if you're a horse racing lover. It's an exhilarating dynasty fantasy sports game that immerses players in the thrilling realm of thoroughbred horse racing.

GoS allow participants to acquire digital representations (NFT) of genuine racehorses and earn rewards that mirror the outcomes on and off the racetrack. The project was launched to provide a blockchain duplicate of the high-stakes horse racing industry.

According to the project website (which was newly launched in Q2 2024), GoS has paid out $1.2M in rewards as of mid-2024. GoS makes it easy to understand horse racing, even if you've never set foot on a horse racing track.

6. Calvaria: battle card game with NFT elements

Calvaria Okx

If you love card player fantasy games, you should check out the Calvaria: Duels of Eternity NFT project.

In this game, you aim to construct a powerful card deck to outmaneuver your opponents' strategies. The ultimate prize for the victor is Calvaria's native token — RIA. Calvaria's main objective is to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies by offering users various benefits such as sponsorships, advertising opportunities, NFT upgrades, and exclusive NFT collections.

Additionally, it provides a staking feature that allows for direct top-ups and upgrades. What sets Calvaria apart in the realm of digital collectibles is its captivating storyline. According to the white paper and roadmap, the project will release a Calvaria beta version in Q2 2024. The team is also making plans to enter the Esports space, from partnering with teams in Q2 2024 to creating its own in-house Esports team in Q4 2024.

7. Moonbirds: 10,000 cartoon owls

Moonbirds Okx

Moonbirds is an NFT collection launched by Proof Collective. The NFT consists of 10,000 unique cartoon owls, each with different traits, characteristics, and appearances. For example, there are Moonbirds that wear spectacles and others that have skeleton-like frames.

You can personalize your Moonbird's appearance by reflecting your wallet's holdings and achievements within the PROOF ecosystem. That allows you to customize your avatar to showcase your accomplishments and unique style.

Moonbirds Mythics is an expansion of Moonbird. Each egg contains the soul of a Mythic that can be set free of the Odd God’s Hearth by burning the egg.

There are three variations of egg: Legendary, Runic, and Stone. A Legendary Egg can produce three different Mythic forms, with the final decision left to the minter. A Runic Egg has two possible forms, while a Stone Egg offers only one.

If you join the project's decentralized autonomous organization, Lunar Society, you'll be in good company alongside other Moonbirds and Mythics community builders. In the past, Moonbirds have collaborated with famous NFT artists such as Beeple, 0xdgb, and Linda Dounia.

In a pinned post on X, the Moonbirds team announced it's building a Moonbirds universe — a place where your feathered "fren" can call home. It'll provide a space where Moonbirds can connect and dive into the world of Volaria.

Meanwhile, Moonbirds will no longer be static .jpg images, as they'll be getting a 3D makeover. In June 2024, Moonbirds launched "Moonbirds Fireside" on Spaces, where you can engage with the team and hear community updates.

8. Women Rise: NFT project for women's empowerment

Woman Okx

Focused on inclusion and diversity, Women Rise is an NFT project launched by published Pakistani author Maliha Abidi. The project aims to represent the contribution of women in modern society properly.

The 10,000-piece collection features female artists, scientists, astronauts, and professionals from all walks of life and nationalities. The NFTs are also computer-generated and holders get to enjoy certain utilities. For instance, 100 Women Rise NFT owners get a free copy of Abidi’s book "RISE: Extraordinary Women Of Colour Who Changed The World". They're also offered more than 450 hand-drawn traits of the Women Rise NFTs as a bonus.

Women Rise is working with BackpackX, which offers an immersive virtual reality experience. The organization helps learners to grasp environmental challenges and show how humanity is linked to nature. The two recently collaborated to celebrate World Environmental Day during June 2024. In an update on Discord, WomenRise appears keen to work with the edutech space, which could open more opportunities for NFT holders.

9. Hangry Animals: gaming for philanthropy with Play to Donate

Hangry Animals NFT visual

Hangry Animals combines gaming with a unique "Play to Donate" concept. Here, you can have fun playing the game while at the same time contributing your rewards to animal shelters and organizations. All donations are decentralized and secure, providing transparency and trust.

The storyline revolves around humanity's crisis as the Shillarkis consider humans to be expendable, leading to widespread panic. The plot follows the Hangry Animals, a group of animal/human hybrids recently transformed due to DNA alteration.

These hybrids, who are grappling with their own metamorphosis, become the defenders of Earth. They work to unite animal and human life to prevent the extinction of all species.

Despite its humorous tone, the underlying message emphasizes the importance of caring for our planet and its inhabitants. The gameplay provides a means for players to support real-world causes, making their gaming experience enjoyable and meaningful.

10. GamifAI: building user-generated games on Bitcoin

GamifAI NFT visual

If you've ever played Super Mario Maker, you'll understand the thrill of creating your own video game in minutes. GamifAI supports the very same in the Web3 space by bringing user-generated games to Bitcoin's blockchain through ordinals.

The project allows you to create a custom game with up to 50 levels, varying degrees of difficulty, and the ability to create unique characters. Once you have a concept, you can enter the game's features into the GamifAI generator, which mirrors as closely as possible your desired specifications.

GamifAI adopts a unique pass system for minting games, and passes are made available by approved members. Passes can be used to create a game at any time or traded with other users. The system adds a layer of rarity and value to created games.

Should I buy an NFT?

Let's backtrack a little. The NFT market experienced significant growth during the cryptocurrency bull market of 2021, resulting in millions of dollars in sales. Notably, projects such as BAYC, 5000 Days, and CryptoPunks garnered substantial purchases, further contributing to the overall success of the NFT space.

However, NFTs come with their own set of risks. This is because they're largely untested, and as we know, the crypto market is very volatile. Below we cover some fundamental factors to foil potential NFT risks.

Do your own research

Like any digital asset or collectible, it's wise to do your own research into the project, rather than relying on second hand information or hype to guide your decision. Some of the main aspects to focus on include:

  • The project team

  • The artist’s portfolio

  • Previous sales and market trends

  • Research the NFT project's overall direction and roadmap.

Pay attention to interests, not trends

NFTs offer diverse possibilities, presenting you with numerous options to explore when crafting your strategies. It's essential to align your NFT choices with your personal interests rather than solely following social media trends. By focusing on your own passions and preferences, you can build a more meaningful and sustainable portfolio of NFTs.

The final word

NFTs have ushered in a new era of digital collectors. These unique digital assets have the power to represent ownership of real-world items and are built on blockchain technology. NFTs come in various forms, from captivating artwork to mesmerizing music, videos, and engaging games.

NFTs aren't a fad but a dynamic and evolving ecosystem fueled by technological advancements like Generative AI. These advancements constantly push boundaries and open up exciting possibilities within the ecosystem.

While NFTs offer an exhilarating and immersive experience, it's crucial to approach them with diligence and awareness. Conducting thorough research on a project before diving in is important. Understanding a project's credibility, value proposition, and long-term potential is essential for making informed decisions and maximizing the benefits of this ever-evolving landscape of NFTs.


How do NFTs work?

NFTs operate on blockchain technology, which makes sure of their uniqueness and ownership. Each NFT is associated with a specific digital or physical asset, like art or music, and is tracked on the blockchain, making it impossible to replicate or alter.

What makes NFTs different from cryptocurrencies?

While NFTs and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum use blockchain technology, NFTs are unique assets with different values. Cryptocurrencies are fungible, meaning each unit is the same and can be traded one-for-one.

What are the trends in the NFT market?

The NFT market is diverse, with new applications beyond art, such as gaming, real estate, and philanthropy. Technologies like generative AI are enhancing the creativity and utility of NFTs, leading to personalized digital collectibles and interactive experiences.

How can I safely get involved with NFTs?

To stay safe, it's essential to research each project. Be sure to check out the team behind the project, popular NFT trends, the technology behind NFTs, the overall market sentiment, and current values. It's also wise to buy assets based on your interests and, more importantly, only spend what you can afford to.

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