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Latest news

Latest announcements

OKX to list perpetual for AUCTION and enable margin trading and Simple Earn

We are pleased to announce that AUCTION margin trading and Simple Earn will be enabled at 08:00 am UTC on December 1. USDT-margined perpetual swaps for AUCTION will be listed at the same time. The updates will cover both the web and app interfaces as well as API. The details are as follows: I. Margin trading and Simple Earn 1. Spot margin trading will be activated for the following pair: AUCTION/USDT 2. For the details of the tiered margin level, please refer to  after the official listing. 3. For the limits of Simple Earn, please refer to the  after the official listing. II. Perpetual swap trading AUCTIONUSDT Perpetual Swap: | Feature | Details | | --- | --- | | Underlying | AUCTION/USDT Index | | Settlement asset | USDT | | Face value | 0.1 | | Price quotation | 1 AUCTION value calculated in USDT equivalent | | Tick size | 0.001 | | Leverage | 0.01-50x | | Funding rate | Clamp(MA( OKX December 1, 2023

Latest announcements

OKX Wallet smart account (AA) has supported Linea network

Dear OKX users, We're excited to announce that OKX Wallet smart account (AA) now supports the Linea network. You can now experience the Linea network by using the smart account feature on the OKX Wallet mobile app. Linea is the 8th network available for the OKX smart account (AA), joining Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and OKTC. The smart account, also known as Account Abstraction account, ensures that assets are exclusively controlled by smart contracts. It introduces advanced features such as batch transactions, payment of network fees, key recovery, and more. Learn more at OKX team December 1, 2023