Come behind the scenes with the Wallet team

Onchain Weekly First Edition

Onchain Weekly, first edition

Welcome to Onchain Weekly.

This is a new series, that every week invites you behind-the-scenes with the Wallet team. It's a sneak peek into what we're building, and why we're building it.

You'll be the first to know what's cooking, and you'll see first-hand why ours is the most secure and compatible wallet to manage, swap, and explore everything onchain.

Here are the highlights of what we're working on this week.

A new look Wallet

You heard it here first. Our design team are heads down on developing a fresh look-and-feel, and improved user experience for the mobile and web experiences. Look out for the preview coming soon.

Successful CertiK review of Wallet code

Third-party audits are a key piece in making Wallet the world's most secure. Independent security assessors CertiK have just completed a planned audit of Wallet code. Full results to be published soon, but as expected, zero critical errors or risks were found in our code base.

Runes, without the complexity

Wallet is now the leading marketplace for Runes, accounting for over 50% of daily trading volume globally. This week we deployed improvements to the Runes minting experience, so you can buy and sell Runes in just a few clicks with zero fees. Very shortly we'll be adding UTXO splitting, too. What's more, until May 29th you can stake your claim for a share of $35,000 worth of Runes from top projects including RSIC, Pups, Game of Blocks, Rune Mania Miners and LeapX.

More compatibility. Hello to Kyber Network

We've announced a Wallet integration with Kyber Network, one of the world's leading decentralized aggregators. Kyber's +900,000 unique users can now connect using OKX Wallet.

Bitcoin Power Hour

We're passionate about innovation on Bitcoin! You don't want to miss this. This week we hosted a Bitcoin Power Hour X Spaces with none other than the Taproot Wizard himself, Udi Wertheimer. Tune in here for the recap.

Thanks for reading, and until next week. Onchain, any chain.

The Wallet Team

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