Crypto profit & loss analysis (PnL) FAQ

Gepubliceerd op 22 aug 2023Geüpdatet op 22 dec 20232 min. leestijd44

1. What is the purpose of the Crypto PnL Analysis feature?

Crypto PnL Analysis feature helps users to view the profit and loss analysis of their crypto holdings and also supports profit and loss sharing of their crypto holdings.

2. Does it show all the cryptos you hold?

No. Cryptos with a net value of less than $10 are not displayed.

3. Is the change in assets in Crypto PnL Analysis in real-time?

The number of assets changes in real-time, but there is a 5-10 minute delay in PnL.

4. Is Crypto PnL analysis sharing available for all cryptos?

No, stablecoins do not support PnL sharing at the moment.

5. How is cumulative PnL calculated?

When the total value of crypto assets is greater than $10, the system will start calculating the cumulative PnL. If a crypto borrowing has occurred, the absolute value of the borrowed crypto is greater than $10 and that currency will also be displayed.

Accumulated PnL at this point = absolute value of total value sold/withdrawal - absolute value of total value bought/deposit - absolute value of current position liabilities

6. How is the average cost calculated?

Average cost = (Average cost before the last purchase or deposit * Amount + Price of the last purchase or deposit * Amount) / Balance after the last purchase or deposit

Note: price of the last deposit is the price at the moment of depositing

7. How is the PnL calculated?

PnL = (Last price - Average cost) * Current balance

8. How is the PnL% calculated?

PnL% = (Last price - Average cost) / Average cost

9. How far back is the historical record of Crypto PnL analysis?

The historical data is recorded from November 6, 2020. Cryptos held before this date and not sold will be calculated at the price of 00:00 on November 6, 2020.

10. Do Perpetual/Futures profits and Margin profits affect the profits in Crypto PnL analysis?

Yes, the unrealized PnL and margins of crypto-based Perpetual/Futures will affect the number of positions currently held and will be included in the calculation of the PnL analysis.