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We offer exclusive services for VIP and institutional traders, including improved fee structures, higher trading limits, flexible account management features, and OTC services. Our professional team strives to provide excellent trading solutions to a wide range of market participants.

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Is OKX API free?

It's completely free to sign up as OKX user and use our APIs. For trading fees, please refer to Fee schedule.

How to create and use your OKX API Keys?

1. Log into your OKX account and click the user icon
2. Select API from the dropdown menu
3. Choose the account you want to create API Keys for
4. Click Create API Keys

Does OKX provide a test environment?

Yes. After logging into OKX website, by clicking Demo trading, you can follow the steps described above to create API Keys for demo trading purpose.
Please refer to Demo Trading Services for the useful URLs to start demo trading services.

How do I use OKX API?

You can start using OKX APIs once created them!
For public REST APIs, you can just test them out in your browser, e.g. https://www.okx.com/api/v5/public/instruments?instType=SPOT.
For private REST APIs or WebSocket APIs, we recommend using tools like Jupyter Notebook, Postman, etc.

What's the difference between REST API and WebSocket API?

REST APIs require an HTTP request to be sent for every response you get. It's the best when you just want the current state of a resource and do not want or require ongoing updates, e.g. symbol data.
WebSocket APIs do not follow a request-response message pattern.
Once a TCP connection has been established, the WebSocket channel can send updates continuously without receiving another request. WebSocket APIs are the best when you want ongoing updates whenever they are available, e.g. market data.

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