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A full-stack Web3 infrastructure suite for wallets, liquidity, and onchain data
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Wallet API
Easily create a secure wallet in just 3 steps, integrating 60+ networks, including EVM, Solana, TRON, BTC, and more.
Wallet Integration
Quickly develop a trading system with the most comprehensive onchain liquidity pools for seamless cross-chain transactions.
OKX Build Developer Portal
Marketplace API
Swiftly build the most comprehensive market solutions and onchain order systems, pioneering the heterogeneous multi-chain market.
Wallet Security
Promptly deploy a powerful Web3 yield aggregator that maximizes earnings by curating top-performing DeFi products from multiple blockchain protocols.
Market Liquidity

Powerful wallet services

Streamline Web3 wallet development and simplify user onboarding

Wallet API
Connect wallet to DApps
  • Wallet setup demos

    Wallet setup demos

    Create your customized single-chain or multi-chain wallets

    Multi-address aggregation

    Track millions of assets across multiple addresses

    Multiple scenarios

    Integrate with 60+ networks, and support multi-chain ecosystems

    High availability and stability

    Ensure smooth integration through interface and system monitoring

  • Connect OKX Wallet to DApps

    Connect OKX Wallet to DApps

    Find out how to smoothly connect OKX Wallet to DApps and bring users onchain

    Web SDK

    Mobile SDK (Android, iOS)

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    MPC Wallet

OKLink explorer API, superior multi-chain data services

Unlock a dynamic view of blockchain activities
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