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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the rate (APR)?
    When you use Earn, you will gain interest on your subscription. If you choose to use a DeFi service, you may also earn bonus tokens. The income from the interest and bonus tokens determines the annual percentage rate (APR). Once you have realized some yield, you can calculate your net rate using the sum of the annualized interest and mining yield, both of which change in real time according to supply and demand for the services and assets.
  • When does revenue calculation/distribution start?
    The revenue calculation/distribution time for different products may be vary. For DeFi products, the revenue calculation time is around 11:00 am (GMT+8) daily. Please be aware that on-chain operational delays could affect calculation time. The revenue is composed of the interest amount and bonus tokens. The bonus is distributed at approximately 12:00 noon (GMT+8) daily, and the interest is distributed along with the funding capital on the day after redemption. Both interest and the bonus are distributed to your account.
  • What are the risks?
    OKX accesses third party DeFi protocols, and provides only related services, such as project display and revenue distribution; and does not take responsibility for any asset losses caused by potential risks, such as contract vulnerabilities, hacking incidents, or termination of business, bankruptcy, abnormal suspension or cessation of trading on third-party DeFi platforms or projects.