OKX will introduce sub-account rate limit

Published on Jan 10, 2024Updated on Apr 4, 20242 min read

In order to provide a stable exchange platform, the exchange will impose a order rate limit at the sub-account level, allowing a maximum of 1000 order requests per 2 seconds. Only new order requests and amendment order requests will be counted towards this limit. For batch order requests consisting of multiple orders, each order will be counted individually. The existing rate limit rule per instrument ID remains unchanged and the existing rate limit and sub-account rate limit will operate in parallel. If clients require a higher rate limit, clients can trade via multiple sub-accounts.

As an incentive for more efficient trading, the exchange will offer a higher sub-account rate limit to clients with account level >= VIP5 with a high trade fill ratio. The ratio is determined by the trade volume and the number of place and amend order requests.

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The target go live date is early March. Any upcoming updates, including the exact go live date, will be updated through this article.

OKX team
January 10, 2024