How do I manage my P2P settings?

Published on Aug 22, 2023Updated on Apr 17, 20242 min read1,071

You can manage your P2P trading settings on the website or in the OKX app (only in Pro mode). Your P2P profile shows your info, reviews, security settings, payment methods, and merchants you follow or block.

To find P2P settings, follow these steps:

  • Web: select Buy crypto from the navigation menu > P2P trading > My profile

  • App, Pro mode: open menu and select Buy crypto > P2P trading > Profile

How do I add or delete payment methods?

Once you open your P2P profile, look for the payment section: it's called Manage payment methods on the website and Payment in the app. Select Add or Add account to add a new payment method. You'll need to select the currency and your bank or payment system. Confirm this info with an authenticator, email, or SMS code, and select Add again.

To delete any payment method, just select it and select Delete. Note that you'll need at least 1 payment method to receive funds from other merchants.

What should I do if my bank card is frozen?

Usually, this issue is related to your bank's actions or regulations. To solve it, contact the bank that issues your card and provide any relevant info.

How do I identify phishing during P2P trading?

When you use P2P trading, you're always dealing with other OKX merchants. While we're doing our best to verify them, sometimes you may encounter malicious people. They try to impersonate our customer support agents to get your sensitive info, such as passwords or verification codes. There are 2 main types of phishing:

  • SMS and email phishing (smishing) that uses various types of text messages. Most often, smishing starts with a message informing you that you received a large amount of funds.

  • Voice phishing (vishing) that uses voice calls. A malicious person who uses vishing can call you and pretend to share that there's some news about your P2P orders or account.

We'll never ask you for your personal info through a call or message you haven't requested. If you receive a suspicious email, SMS, or voice call, try to verify it through our official verification tool.

If you have any questions, start with our AI chatbot: you can find it in the OKX Support Center on the website or in the app. You can also contact our customer support through chatbot.