How to trade with OKX on TradingView

Published on Jul 18, 2022Updated on Apr 4, 20249 min read

0. Introduction to OKX trading

Advantages: Unified account, Shared margin and PnL offset
  • OKX unified account is a brand-new trading system launched by OKX, through which users can trade spot and derivatives simultaneously in multiple currencies by one account without transferring funds back and forth between multiple accounts, making the trading process much easier.
  • Moreover, users’ profits and losses generated from different business lines can offset each other, significantly improving the use of funds.
  • There are 4 account modes in unified account and TradingView supports 2 of them: Simple and Single-currency margin.
  • You can trade all OKX products except for the Options on TradingView site.
On TradingView you can search for OKX products in the ticker search using the prompt "OKX:".
Then choose your trading symbol and click on the "Launch chart" button.
If you have OKX account, sign in directly. Otherwise, sign up first.
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Step 5: Trade or deposit

Make sure you have crypto assets in your OKX trading account.

  • If yes, please go to 3. Trade section for trading directly
  • If no, please refer to next section 2. Deposit

2. Deposit

2.1 Deposit - Buy crypto

If you are a newbie to cryptocurrency without any crypto assets on the chain, navigate to "Buy Crypto" panel in the top left corner on OKX site and choose "Buy with card", "P2P Trading" or "Third-party payment". You can buy crypto via any of these 3 approaches.

Buy Crypto panel:
Buy with card:
P2P trading:
Third-party payment:

2.2 Deposit - On chain

If you already have crypto assets on chain, please follow the steps below to deposit crypto assets into OKX.
  1. You can choose to deposit into the trading account . This is recommended way.
  2. You can choose to deposit into the funding account. Need to transfer into trading account as mentioned in section 2.3 (Transfer).
Step 1: Click the "Deposit" menu from "Assets" panel in the top right corner on OKX web page.
Step 2: Deposit on the following page.

2.3 Transfer

If there are no assets in your trading account, transfer from funding account to trading account.
  1. Select the assets you have and would like to transfer out
  2. Transfer certain amount into trading account.
  3. After you have transferred successfully, start your trading journey.
Step 1: Click the "Transfer" menu from "Assets" panel in the top right corner on OKX web page.
Step 2: Perform funds transfer on the following page.

Check the assets on Trading page


3. Trade

3.1 Trade Spot in TradingView

If you only focus on Spot trading, you just trade in TradingView side under "OKX - Spot account".

3.2 Trade Derivatives in TradingView

3.2.1 Certain settings to be done on OKX site

If you intend to trade derivatives (Margin, Perpetual Swap and Futures), change the following settings on OKX before returning to TradingView.
Step 1: Navigate to "Trade" panel in the top left corner and choose either "Basic trading" or "Contracts & margin trading".
Step 2: Now click on the gear on the top right corner of the screen to get to the settings menu.
Step 3: Click on the "Account mode" button and select "Single currency margin".
Note: You cannot trade in TradingView if your account mode is in "Multi currency margin" or "Portfolio margin" currently.
Step 4: Select "Auto transfers" for the "Isolated margin trading settings" for both "Futures & Perpetual swap" and "Margin".
Step 5: You have the option to configure the order quantity for Futures or Perpetual Swaps in the unit of [Contract or Crypto]
To improve the overall user experience, we currently don’t support the USDⓈ trading unit for USDⓈ-margined futures contracts on TradingView in single-currency margin mode. Instead, choose contracts or crypto as your trading unit. If you have any inquiries or require assistance, contact customer support on our website.

Note: Refresh your browser on TradingView page if you changed the settings on OKX.

3.2.2 Switch to Derivatives account on TradingView site

In addition, please switch to "OKX - Derivatives account" on TradingView side.
Note: Spot and Derivatives symbols have different order panel UI in TradingView, thus we have 2 accounts (Spot account & Derivatives account) in TradingView. However, the trading account assets are shared by both Spot and Derivatives as you are in Unified account.

Appendix - Unified account references