How to use auto-renewal on Dual Investment

Published on Nov 7, 2023Updated on Jan 3, 20242 min read230

What is Dual Investment?

Dual Investment allows users to maximize their profits by choosing a major crypto pair to trade (e.g., BTC - USDT, ETH - USDT). Once subscribed, users can obtain steady returns in either of the cryptocurrencies, depending on their target price.

With Dual Investment, investors can hold stable coins and earn an interest rate while also having the flexibility to automatically purchase cryptocurrencies when prices dip. This helps investors take advantage of market fluctuations while still earning a steady income from their stablecoin holdings. For HOLDers, investors can also use Dual Investment to earn some extra rewards on their crypto assets.

What is Dual Investment auto-renewal?

Dual Investment auto-renewal helps you continuously subscribe your principal and interest to new Dual Investment orders while letting you set your price preference to suit your investment needs.

How does Dual Investment auto-renewal work?

We offer two auto-renewal strategies – Basic and Advanced. Below is a comparison of both strategies:

Basic Advanced
Feature overview Auto-renew your Dual Investment order at a fixed target price Auto-renew your Dual Investment order at fixed percentage difference between the market price and target price
Purpose Sell crypto at a higher price than your average price; Buy crypto at a lower price than the current market Earn stable returns on crypto when you think the price will remain relatively constant
Key concepts Target price: the price at which you expect your crypto to be sold or bought
Term: the term at which you expect your Dual Investment order to be renewed
Price tolerance: the percentage used to determine the target price of your new order. The new target price will be lower (for Buy low) or higher (for Sell high) than the prevailing market price on the expiration date by at least this percentage.
Preferred term: the recommended term length based on your chosen price tolerance. We'll match this as closely as possible.
Max term: the upper limit of the term length
Benefits Sell high or buy low easily and earn extra returns while waiting for trade to be excuted Earn high and stable returns with customized price tolerance

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