How do I use Trading bonus?

Published on Mar 8, 2024Updated on Jul 12, 20245 min read276

What's trading bonus?

Trading bonus can serve as funds by eligible traders under single-currency margin mode for margin trading, perpetual futures, expiry futures, and options (excluding simple options).

To utilize your Trading bonus, you must activate your voucher. It can then be used as trading margin, or to offset trading losses, trading fees, funding fees, and other transaction costs. If you possess Trading bonus, it'll be utilized before your own funds. While Trading bonus cannot be withdrawn, any profits earned through its use can be withdrawn.

What are the application conditions?

  • You must've completed identity verification and obtained trading bonus.

  • You must be from a region where local laws and regulations allow derivative trading.

What can I do with Trading bonus?

How can I use Trading bonus?

You can get trading bonus through various promotions. Find out how to obtain it as below:

  • On the app: select Homepage > menu > Reward Center > Trading bonus

  • On the web: select More > Reward Center > Trading bonus


Select Trading bonus once you're on the Reward Center page

Do I have to activate Trading bonus?

The funds of Trading bonus vouchers in the Reward Center need to be activated before use. After successful activation, the Use button will be displayed, and the funds of the activated voucher will be automatically transferred to your trading account.


Select the Activate button to activate your voucher


Once you've activated the funds, your preferred Use button will be enabled

What are the activation conditions and how do I activate it?

Activation of Trading bonus is only supported in the single-currency margin mode. Other modes need to be switched to single-currency margin mode before activation.

How do I view its history?

After successful activation, the funds of the activated trading bonus voucher will be automatically transferred to your trading account.

  • On the app: enter Assets > Trading account > History

  • On the web: select My Assets > Order Center > Trading account history

How do I view its balance?

If you have multiple Trading bonus vouchers, after successful activation, the balance of trading bonus will show the current cumulative total, for example, total activated trading bonus - consumed trading bonus. You can view your balance as below:

  • Select Assets > Trading account > USDT equity, or

  • Enter Trading page > Asset > USDT equity


You may also view your balance on the Assets page


View your balance on the Trading page

What's Trading bonus scope?

Trading bonus can be used as margin and can offset costs including realized losses, fees, funding fees, and other transaction costs. When offsetting costs, trading bonus will be consumed before user-owned funds. Detailed usage scope can be found in the table below:

Account Mode Single-currency margin mode
Position Mode Cross mode
Applicable Products Margin
Options (exclude simple options)

Rules for reclaiming Trading bonus

Trading bonus voucher expiration

Each Trading bonus voucher has expiration time. If not activated within the valid time, the voucher will expire, and expired vouchers will not be refunded.

Trading bonus balance expiration

Upon activation, your Trading bonus balance will have a set validity period. We'll reclaim any credits which aren’t used within this period.

Switching account mode

If you switch out of single-currency margin mode, any activated but unused Trading bonus balance in your account will become invalid.

Terms and Conditions

  • Trading bonus can't be transferred to other accounts or withdrawn.

  • Profits earned through trading bonus can be transferred to other accounts or withdrawn.

  • Trading bonus have an expiration time for both activation and usage. You can find this on your trading bonus voucher under Rewards center > My rewards. If you don’t activate or use your credits within the valid period, they’ll expire and become invalid. OKX isn’t obligated to remind users of upcoming expiration times. Make sure to pay attention to the expiration time on your own.

  • If you simultaneously receive both trading bonus and commission rebate cards and need to deduct fees, our platform will prioritize using trading bonus. The portion of fees deducted by trading bonus isn’t eligible for commission rebates.

  • To comply with local regulations, Trading bonus may not be available in the user’s region.

  • If we see any suspicious behavior, or the malicious use or abuse of Trading bonus, OKX reserves the right to take appropriate actions against the involved accounts. OKX retains the ultimate interpretation right of the terms and conditions for the use of trading bonus.