How do I verify my collection on OKX NFT?

Published on Dec 26, 2022Updated on Apr 12, 20243 min read58

1. What's a verified collection?

A blue checkmark badge that appears on a collection means that the collection has been verified for authenticity on the OKX NFT platform. NFT builders are encouraged to verify their collections so that users on OKX can feel assured that they're buying or selling NFTs from genuine collections. A safe, trusted, and quality place for buying or selling NFTs is what OKX aims for.

Example of a blue checkmark badge that appears on a collection.

2. How to verify my collection?

To be eligible, a collection has to reach a sales volume of at least 50 ETH or equivalent over the past month. Before applying to get your collection verified, your collection is expected to have:

  • Collection title
  • Its descriptions
  • A logo image (ideally uploaded with 300*300 in resolution)
  • A banner (ideally uploaded with 1440*190 in resolution)
  • ERC-721 or ERC-1155 are the standards for the collection's smart contract(s)
  • NFTs that meet the Standards for Metadata on OKX NFT Marketplace

If you meet the above conditions, you can apply for verification here. We'll review your request and give a reply within 7 days.

3. What if my request for verification gets denied?

Your request for verification will be denied if your collection doesn't meet the criteria for verification.

If your request has been reviewed and your collection hasn't been verified, to re-apply, please wait for at least 7 business days to submit another request for verification.

4. Will my verification status be canceled after the collection is verified?

If your collection violates our Terms of Service, or there are issues that may lead to the verification status being canceled, your collection may lose its verification status.

To provide users with the best experiences, OKX NFT reserves the right to, with or without notice in advance and, in our sole discretion, deny any request for verification or suspend the verification status.

5. Is it perfectly safe to purchase from verified NFT collections?

Unfortunately no. We'll review every request as carefully as we can, but we don't provide any guarantee for the verified collection. Before making the decision, please do your own research and make sure that you're buying the NFT you really want.

6. How can I get access to verification?

OKX NFT Marketplace extends our thanks to all users for your support.

We'll endeavor to deliver a top-quality ecosystem of digital arts.

Eligible for getting your collection verified? Apply here.

OKX NFT will keep improving our products and services. For more information about Web3, blockchain, or OKX, we invite you to visit our Help Center.