How do I kickstart my journey with DApps?

Published on Oct 20, 2022Updated on Apr 12, 20245 min read86

DApps have long been hosted on websites and programs disconnected from one another, and it can be a bumpy journey to access them. There's a crying need for a once-and-for-all gateway to help users jumpstart immediately.

To fill in this gap, OKX has integrated popular DApps for an accessible and inclusive user experience. Visit our Discover page and with a single click, users can search and enjoy DApps on OKX.

On the app

  1. Launch your OKX app, and you'll see the Wallet button. Select it and you'll enter the Home page of Wallet.
  2. For the new user, select Add Wallet. Follow our prompts to set up your login and create your own OKX Wallet!

kickstartdapps-app-1Select Create Wallet and there are two options on how you can create your wallet

  1. Next, now that you've got the passwords, secure your wallet by backing up your Seed Phrase. You're almost there!

kickstartdapps-app-2You're prompted to back up your wallet and there are two ways to back up your wallet

  1. A set of Seed Phrases exclusively for you will be shared in order to keep your account secure.

Note: not your keys, not your assets. Passwords and Seed Phrase are confidential therefore, don't compromise it. Seed Phrase is irretrievable once lost, and its loss can lead to your assets being stolen. Pay extra attention to your Seed Phrase, otherwise, your assets may be lost.

kickstartdapps-app-3Write down your seed phrase and keep it safe to avoid any issue in the future

  1. Once all backed up, select Trade, and you'll see the Swap & Bridge section. You can buy digital assets here and they can come in handy when you want to invest in a project. Please be careful with the gas fee costs and slippage tolerance when you initiate transactions. Our real-time stats will help you navigate your experience.

kickstartdapps-app-4Select Trade the subsequent Swap & bridge section to proceed with the digital assets purchase

  1. Select DApps to enter the Discover page. There are lots of DApps categories, from DeFi, Game to NFT Market, and many more. Now you can browse any of the available DApps that you find interesting.

kickstartdapps-app-5You're all ready to delve into the world of DApps

  1. You can select the DApps presented to you, search by DApp name, or navigate to DApps via their link. Once you've made your selection, you'll be directed to the official website of the DApp. From there, you can follow their guide to kickstart your DApps adventure!

On the web

  1. On the OKX website, select Wallet, and the OKX Wallet features will show up on a page.

kickstartdapps-web-1Select Wallet to enter the wallet view

  1. Select Connect wallet, and you can connect your wallet via an extension or an app.

kickstartdapps-web-2Once you select Connect wallet, a pop-up with several options on how to connect will appear

  1. Complete your login details, but before that, you have to back up your seed phrase.

kickstartdapps-web-3Complete the login details to proceed to the next step

  1. Hover to Trade, and select Swap from the drop down menu, where you can buy assets that you like.

kickstartdapps-web-4Select swap to view the list of assets and its properties

  1. Hover to Discover and select Explore DApps and you can start browsing and accessing DApps at your pace.

kickstartdapps-web-5Explore DApps is under Discover and ready to be explored by the user