Meson X OKX Cryptopedia: step-by-step tutorial

Published on Aug 16, 2023Updated on Apr 4, 20243 min read15
  1. Open the OKX App, and select wallet from the top toggle. Click the Discover tab at the bottom to access the DApp discover page
    CT-app-discover-cryptopediaEnter Cryptopedia section to start your Learn & Earn journey
  2. Click Cryptopedia: Learn to earn: Season 1 zkSync Era section > Meson to access the Meson task section
    CT-app-cryptopedia-zksynceraEnter Cryptopedia section to start your Learn & Earn journey
  3. Click Start now > Confirm to begin your quest
    CT-app-cryptopedia-startSelect the quests you would like to start
  4. Visit Meson and your OKX Wallet will automatically connect to the website.
  5. In the FROM section, select the stablecoin you wish to use for payment and choose the network. The swap amount should be no less than $50. In the TO section, select zkSync Era and USDC, then click SWAP.
    CT-app-meson-swapSwap with Meson site
    Note: Meson supports swapping between 21+ public chains and L2 chains, and provides a daily limit of 5 swaps / $5,000 without any service fees. The LP fees for zkSync Era will be dynamically adjusted based on the congestion of the ETH network.
  6. Click APPROVE to grant authorization. And then click CONFIRM to proceed with the cross-chain transfer operation.
    CT-app-meson-approveApprove or customize the amount before proceed
  7. Meson protocol initiates a cross-chain request to LPs. Once the matching is successful, an automatic fund release request is triggered. Click Confirm to complete the cross-chain swap.
    CT-app-meson-confirmCheck the swap summary before confirming
  8. After completing the cross-chain swap, a pop-up window will automatically appear for sharing a poster. If you find Meson user-friendly, please click Share to share it.
  9. Once done, click the X in the top right corner to close the window. It may take around 5 minutes for the data to update.
  10. Please return to the Meson task section after 5 minutes, and click Verify to claim your NFT. You will see Rewards claimed once you collected your rewards.
    CT-app-cryptopedia-rewardsclaimedClaim your quest rewards once you completed the quest