What can I do with Discover in the OKX wallet?

Published on Feb 24, 2023Updated on Mar 14, 20245 min read1,953

Our Web3 Wallet, the world's leading non-custodial decentralized multi-chain wallet, provides users with a full stack of asset management, secure storage, and transfer services. Among them, the Discover function is the core highlight of the wallet, aiming to aggregate rich and diverse decentralized applications (DApps), allowing users to easily explore the infinite possibilities of the Web3 world.

Through the Web3 Wallet > Discover entrance in our app, users can easily search and browse popular DApps, URLs, and wallet addresses. Moreover, the homepage also recommends the most popular applications, including recent hot topics, inscriptions, etc. It only takes one step to deeply experience DApps, and users can directly connect to the wallet to enjoy the service. Users can also add commonly used DApps to the My Favorites section for quick access.

On the app


All it takes is one step in exploring DApps on the app

On the web


Explore the world of DApps effortlessly on the DApp page

Continuing to delve deeper, it is discovered that the section also presents a large number of DApps in a more detailed classification and ranking form, covering multiple categories such as DeFi, runes, DEX, NFT market, blockchain games, tools, etc. Users can filter and view DApps according to different public chains, understand dapp-related data, and achieve accurate and fast access.

On the app


Enter the DApp section under the Wallet section

On the web


View the list of DApps in categories from the sidebar menu

In addition, we also provide the latest industry information, allowing users to quickly understand industry trends through the homepage, grasp the latest industry trends in real time, and discover more wealth opportunities.

On the app


Select News to keep up to date with the latest happenings

On the web


The News section offers all that a user needs to know about

Participate in exciting activities, win rewards

Our Web3 Wallet provides rich opportunities to participate in activities, not limited to discovering popular applications. Through our Cryptopedia platform or homepage banner activities, users can explore various DApps and win rewards by completing interactive tasks. Each activity covers multiple blockchain networks and provides a wealth of DApps for users to explore.

On the app


Easily access Cryptopedia at the access point within the Discover section

On the web


Visit Cryptopedia via Wallet > Discover > Cryptopedia


Explore the Cryptopedia page and reap exciting rewards and incentives

Offline events , unlimited possibilities

Our Web3 Wallet is committed to reducing the threshold for attending offline web3 conferences and improving the quality of events. It supports full-process services such as one-click event creation, inquiry/collection/map viewing, online NFT Ticket purchase, offline QR code ticket verification, and offline social sharing, making users' web3 experience more rich and convenient.

On the app


Select Event conveniently from the top bar of the Wallet page

On the web


Events can easily be joined right from the Wallet page

Currently, our Web3 wallet supports more than 80 chains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Tron, Arbitrum, etc. When connecting to the wallet, it is automatically recognized without the need for manual chain cutting. The wallet has built-in multi-chain and cross-chain DEX, as well as a heterogeneous multi-chain NFT aggregation trading platform. Through our Web3 wallet, you can also easily access 5000 + DApps, truly realizing a one-stop Web3.0 entrance.

Note: the featured images shown are for reference purposes only. Please refer to the product pages for the actual interface.