Why hasn’t my deposit arrived yet?

Published on Mar 27, 2024Updated on Apr 18, 20243 min read55

If your cryptocurrency deposit to your OKX Wallet or exchange account hasn't arrived yet, there may be a number of different reasons why. Typically, you may just need to be patient and wait a few more minutes for the designated blockchain to confirm your transaction. A number of other reasons could be at play, however, and it's important to know them if you want to manage your own crypto safely.

What are the reasons why my deposit hasn't arrived yet?

  • Delayed blockchain confirmation: if you don’t see your crypto deposit, you may need to wait for the sufficient number of blocks to be confirmed first.

  • Incorrect network or address: ensure that your crypto has been deposited to the proper blockchain network and receiving address.

  • Missing memos: certain cryptocurrency networks require a memo in addition to the receiving address.

Delayed blockchain confirmation

If your crypto deposit hasn’t arrived in your OKX Wallet or exchange account yet, you can first check the corresponding blockchain via a blockchain explorer (such as on OKLink) to see if your transaction is pending. To do this, search for your transaction ID or sending/receiving address. If you see your transaction pending on the blockchain but not in your wallet, you may need to wait a while for a few blocks to be confirmed. If you don’t see the transaction pending on the blockchain, this means your transaction hasn't gone through. Double check to see that you've indeed signed and sent your transaction.

Wrong address or blockchain network

When sending your crypto out, make sure that you’ve chosen the proper network and that you double check your receiving address. If you’ve sent your crypto to the wrong receiving address or blockchain network, please reach out and file a support ticket. Note that there's no guarantee that we can recover your crypto if it's lost, so always double-check that you're sending the right amount to the right address and network. For some networks (such as EOS), you may need to include a memo or tag along with the receiving address. If your memo is incorrect, your deposit may not go through. Again, please submit a support ticket as soon as possible. If your transaction is missing due to any of the reasons above, please reach out to our support team for help.

Missing memo

Some cryptocurrency transactions demand the inclusion of a memo alongside the recipient's address, a vital step often overlooked but essential for seamless processing.