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What are crypto trading signals?

Cryptocurrency trading signals are real-time alerts on when to buy, sell, or hold a cryptocurrency. Formed through in-depth market analysis, these signals optimize your trades, helping you act swiftly in a market known for its volatility.

For beginners and experienced traders alike, crypto trading signals are crafted for everyone in the expansive crypto community. They break down the complexities of fundamental and technical indicators, spotlighting well-informed trading ideas that are easy to read and understand.

Your choice. Your trade. Your gain.

Experience a trading journey like never before with OKX Signal Trading. Take control by selecting from a diverse range of expert trading signals tailored to your preferences and risk tolerance.

Access high-performing signals

Explore top-tier signals to supercharge your trading success

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Flexible subscription plans

Select from a range of subscription options tailored to your trading preferences.


Your signal. Your strategy. Your success.

Navigate the crypto market with unparalleled autonomy. Create your own crypto trading signals with OKX’s Signal Bot and watch your trading strategies come to life.

Crafted by you
Crafted by you

Shape the signals that echo your unique strategy and let our bot execute them, ensuring you trade your way.

Swift and secure integration
Swift and secure integration

Seamlessly connect custom trading signals to OKX, reducing the risks associated with using third-party bot integrations.

Instant strategy execution
Instant strategy execution

Turn your custom signals into instant, automated trading actions, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Diverse trading opportunities
Diverse trading opportunities

Engage with over 600 trading pairs, spanning both Spot and Derivatives, all backed by exceptional liquidity and trading volume.

Trade smarter with Webhook integration

Effortlessly connect TradingView and Webhook for end-to-end trading. Harness the power of PineScript, Java, and Python to elevate your trading strategies. Minimize latency, optimize costs, and maximize profit potential. Enhance your trading experience with the precision and automation provided by OKX Signal Trading.


For signal traders

Share your expertise with over 50 million traders on OKX while enjoying smooth integration with TradingView. Leverage OKX's global reach and monetize your skills through subscription or profit-sharing models.


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